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  1. Another of me capturing a squad of Huns with my Chauchat.....
  2. I pic of my impresssion, taken at a WWI event in Kansas.
  3. Steffan, If its an issue of safety of materials, you could try to make a similar "oil cloth" with russian sheeting and black latex paint. Many of the makers of US Civil War reproduction gear do not make true oil cloth, but use modern paints. Ultimately, it would be fantastic to see the helmet liners made from true oilcloth like the originals!
  4. $9.95 for a Chauchat...really! I think I just had an MI! The worst part of the whole process is not only the thousands of dollars for the weapon itself (my Cho-Cho so far has set me back $6K...D'oh...), just as much for spare parts and magazines, DEWAT to REWAT reactivation, but there is always the VERY LONG wait period the BATFE has to clear you to take possession of the gun. I'm 3.5 months and waiting. One friend of mine waited over 7 months to get possession of his 08/15...
  5. Here is my World War One 89th Division, AEF impression "aged" with this program. I think it turned out great!
  6. Sir, have you started or do you have any of the reproduction items you mentioned. I am in the process of buying a 1915 CSRG and related items would be great! Thanks!
  7. Fellas, The next impression I am going to work on with my WWI gear is that of a US Chauchat gunner. I have a line on a dewat 1915 8mm Chauchat, magazine bags, and a few other accessories but there is one thing I will need extra of. Since the board will not let me post in the "Wanted" section due to lack of posts I'll ask here. Does anyone have a line on where I could find extra 8mm Chauchat magazines? Thanks in advance!
  8. Howdy, We usually have someone doing War of 1812, Mexican War, and Panama, but they could not attend for the parade this picture was taken. I am amazed how many people know what impressions we do (though some are clueless). During this parade I had an elderly lady tell her graddaughter "thats what my daddy looked like in 1918" as she was pointing at me (I'm the AEF impression). It was touching to say the least!
  9. Here is our (the ALH in Colorado) for the evolution of the US Infantry soldier:
  10. Fellas, I'm sorry I forgot to state the different impressions we did that weekend (from L to R) Rev. War US Line Infantry, US Civil War (Union) Infantry, US 1st Colorado: Spanish American War, US AEF, 89th Division from Colorado (thats me), US Marine WWII Pacific theater, US Infantry Korea, US 101st Airborne Vietnam, US Army 101st : Desert Storm (his real service uniform), and US Army 101st, Iraq and Afganistan (his real service uniform, he's active duty) Usually (but not present that weekend) we also field US Infantry War of 1812 and US Infantry Mexican - American War (1847)
  11. Thanks for the good word. Here in Colorado we mainly do living history and demos. There is only a handful of WWI reenactors here so we are very limited in what we can do. In our group we have strict authenticity rules, first and foremost require the person to read and RESEARCH before ever buying a stitch of gear. Could we improve, yes, but we pride ourselves in limiting the "farb" factor when we are out in public. WWI is a growing are of historical interpretation and with authenticity minded vendors like Paul Schipper and Great War Militaria, its easier to get top quality gear based on origina
  12. Here is a photo of the US infantry timeline impression (1776-2009) we do here in Colorado. Our group is The Association of Living History:
  13. Here is my WWI AEF impression, Pvt. 89th Division:
  14. My opinion, the overseas cap looks WWI. I've a British mad overseas cap that looks very much like that one. The pants though look like 1918 straight legs, but I could be wrong. If they are, the price quoted above is a steal!
  15. mark headlee

    A-2 value

    I would shy away from wearing an original anyway. In many cases the thread is fragile and the leather, if not preserved or conditioned, can split. An average A2 can set you back atleast $700.00 and that usually is with crappy knits and iffy leather. I have seen minty examples go for over $2500.00. If would want a wearable A2 might I recommend Goodwear Leather Company. The owner - maker has many types of A2 jackets, all based stitch for stitch on originals. He is an authority on flight jackets. I have one of his jackets (a Good Wear W535-AC-27753 A-2 Jacket Pattern which is for sale if anyo
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