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  1. The Roughouts are Australian made. Cheers sean
  2. Wow, that is a very special grouping in my eyes. I am an Australian and have a particular interest in the 1st MARDIV. The sidecap was made in My hometown of Adelaide. I have seen many Aussie items made by MYERS bet never for the USMC... That is a very special item indeed. I am also very interested in the campaign hat pictured. Could you please provide more images of it ? I have also PM'd you re the other campaign hat for sale. Thank you for posting this grouping mate it sure is a great help to my research of the 1st DIV in Australia? Cheers Sean
  3. CplNorton, Thank you very much for posting these images, do you have the originals in your collection ? Cheers Sean
  4. I would hang on to the covers with the drain hole, there are plenty of threads covering this. It is my understanding that the drain hole was deleted later on in production. Cheers Sean
  5. Hello, Nice jacket, I have my doubts as to the USMC provenance due to the later period EGA's. These jackets were not only issued to USMC, many if not all of the GI units stationed here in Australia were issued these also. Have a good look (if you haven't already) for a name 'rubber stamped' inside, this can indicate Marine issue. I have also seen these jackets with handwritten 1st MARDIV names. Cheers Sean
  6. Agreed, but thanks for the heads up Sabrejet. Cheers Sean
  7. That sounds like a very interesting bit of kit mate, do you think it is a field mod or a civie alteration ? When you refer to the wire hanger being more Army pattern, do you mean the cross flap cover or mine ? Cheers Sean
  8. I have a cammo 2nd pattern cover that has a white metal wire hanger.I did some image hunting and found this from Peleliu. The hanger on your cover is legit I believe.
  9. Holy cow, that is a very nice grouping !! Complete early field cammo P41 kit is outstanding.
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