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  1. That's one of the coolest patch related items I've ever seen, what a treasure!
  2. What an incredible collection! The longer you look at the pictures the more new stuff comes out. You can see a lot of time and love goes into this, well done! Just speechless
  3. Same unit on a coffee & donut break during the same ride from France to Belgium. I also posted this picture somewhere else as I'm looking for a parka like on the guy bottom left. On this picture I can count three guys with the trousers. The guy on the bottom right with the shades is the same as the one on the first picture, the soldier with the unzipped leg is not in this 2nd pic. That makes 4 guys wearing the trousers (in a very small unit). I know from experience open jeep rides can get very very cold so I'm guessing that's why an AAA unit has flight trousers?
  4. As the title says, what type of pants are these men wearing? Pictured are two members of the 45th AAA Group somewhere in France late (I'm thinking October or early November)1944. From other pictures I have of this unit they apparently stopped at a knocked out German vehicle while en route.
  5. Since you need a newspapers account I figured I'd save the article to post here.
  6. Thanks, shame there's not more 90mm guns out there. What's the big difference between resin and plastic kits? Difficulties? I did do some modeling a few years ago but nothing special, a few kits here and there. Anyway, I still have some decent pliers, files and those. Glue and paint seem to be MIA (but probably would be not good anymore). I used to use Revell glue which did a good job. Should I get that again? Also, if not 90mm, any 40mm Bofors kits out there? Radars? Searchlights? Anything US AAA really. Thanks for the help
  7. Hi With the possibility of being locked in at home for an unknown time right around the corner, I thought it might be fun to pick up some modeling. I'm specifically looking to build a US WW2 M1 90mm AA Gun (such a unit was in my hometown). I've looked some online but can't seem to find a lot of sets to do so. Any recommendations where to look? What's the most accurate 90mm gun set out there? What are the tools I HAVE to get? Any recommendations on paint? Thanks all Stay safe & healthy
  8. Looks like an earlier type (M1917?) uniform converted to an M-1926, judging from the stitches running down the back and between the pockets. In style it looks very similar to one I have which is a converted version. I might be off but that's my 2 cents.
  9. He did serve as a First Sergeant with the 329th and received a Purple Heart & BSM for heroism during the Normandy campaign. Again not claiming he was the oldest but I thought it was a pretty interesting question. During WW1 he lied about his age trying to enlist but that attempt fell through.
  10. Hi all I've been trying to identify the uniform in this picture, the closest match I have found is a Dragoon officer uniform but he was never an officer. What I do know is that he first served with a Field Artillery unit (1921-1924) and reenlisted in 1927 after which he was assigned to the Dragoons in Ft. Riley. Am I assuming this picture is from his period with the 2nd Dragoons? What timefram would this be? 1920s? 1930s? Thanks for your help
  11. Hi all Earlier today I was talking with a friend discussing his grandfather's service during WW2. Because he served as a 42 year old we figured he must have been one of the oldest (if not the oldest) EM serving in combat within his division. We might be off of course because we don't have the numbers but it did spark my interest as an interesting research question. A quick first search didn't yield any answers so I thought I'd reach out to you experts on here to see if we could answer this question. Is the oldest EM who served in combat during WW2 with the US Army known? And how old wa
  12. Awesome display. Any chance to get a closer look at the 332nd uniform? Looks great
  13. Hi all A few months ago (June) I bought an item on the Veteran's Footlocker website. The item has not yet arrived and I have not been able to reach the seller. Tried e-mailing several times since the purchase. I read on the forum he is a well respected dealer so I'm hoping we can resolve the issue. Is there anyone on here that would be able to put me in touch with him? Thanks
  14. I know one of them resides (or at least used to be there) with the Royal Military museum in Brussels, Belgium. I've held it in my hands when I was on a short internship about 6 years ago. I'll try to reach out to my contact again to see if it is still there but I can't find a reason why it wouldn't be.
  15. Thanks for your reply, where could I find this information for Denmark? I had no luck going through the TP or looking online (maybe I was looking in the wrong places)
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