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  1. Hey, Tom. Mask is an XM29; one of the masks that led up to the MCU-2. The army trialed the XM29s and later XM30s. There were variants for CVC and aircrew as well. They also tried the XM43 in the AH1s in the late 80s as well. Thanks.
  2. Does appear to be a trimmed up shell. Here's the only other photo from the set with that helmet:
  3. Allegedly from Army Aviation Digest's May, 1983; found through the S21K page on facebook (excellent if you like special operations stuff). Also looks to be some very early versions of ANVIS, which is interesting for 1983. Thanks.
  4. It's a blower/pusher fan for a gas mask. Fits over the C2 or C2A1 filter and pushes air through to aid in breathing and to create positive pressure in the mask. Variant you have has the early 3 pin connector. I'm unsure what they were originally for, though I do have what appears to be a trial/experimental aviator configuration using the same blowers. The same type of blower was later configured for the M45 air warrior mask; the difference being the power plug. I've seen M45 ones with 1991 production dates (before the M45 existed), leading me to believe they are modified from the type like yo
  5. Thanks Ray and Dan. I'll try to get some more of my stuff posted. Thanks, Another Dan
  6. Photo from an Army Chemical Corp Museum "brochure" from the Army's Chemical Center, Maryland. The document is undated as far as I can tell, but it looks 1960s. This image is on pg 10 and shows similar hood masks to the E15R3. Note there is one using optical mask parts, and some that almost look like they are based on goggles. Interesting.
  7. Poor photo, but a shot of the inner mask. It's very crude and also looks like a "home-made" item without sophisticated injection molding or anything of the sort. You can see the spring on the "brow" that holds the shape of the mask under the weight of the lenses.
  8. Head harness. Is attached to the inner mask as well as the hood itself. Some M9 hardware on it, but for the most part it is unique.
  9. Hose is removable. Attaches via the 60mm threaded connection; same as the M9 series. Shown disconnected from the facepiece.
  10. Closeup of hood markings. They look hand stenciled.
  11. Flash on this one to allow you to see the secondary side diaphragm for what I suspect to be phone or radio communication. This thing is just weird.
  12. Hey all, I suspect this won't be hugely popular, but thought I'd share since it is an unusual piece and one of my favorites in my collection. This is an E15R3 protective headpiece from the 50s or 60s. It's an early prototype for what I suspect to be a hood for decontamination roles or for rocket fuel handling. Rather than a conventional mask with a protective hood, this is a half mask with a hood and lenses as a single integral mask/hood. The hood itself is based on the MI winterization kit for the M9 masks, only the hood has not been cut for the M9 mask. The hose is the same type as the
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