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    I served with the 1st Bn 16th Infantry, Germany from 1975-1978. Did a lot of growing up! I am selectively collecting militaria now. Mostly 1st Division related items, interesting knives and guns that interest me. I am also recently retired and am spending a lot of time fixing my 1826 brick farmhouse. A pain to do some days but mostly a joy!

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  1. Look real close....any part numbers on it?
  2. Thanks guys....I keep thinking I'll see the original work or a copy of this scene on a net search but no luck yet. But I'll keep at it..... Kim
  3. Found this smallish 8 1/2 x 12 1/2 inch print depicting a naval battle. Appears to be a nighttime scene. Is this a depiction of civil war ships or an earlier era? Is that the CSS Hunley bottom left or a random piece of debris? There is a clearly seen U.S. flag on the ship behind the one on fire. I love the image but couldn't find another image like it on the net to compare it to be able to nail it down. I've included the signature but can't quite figure it out. Thanks! Kim
  4. Thanks guys! I know bits and pieces about this guy but unfortunately I'll have to wait until the virus scare subsides and researchers are allowed back into the archives before I can get his records. Kim
  5. That is my latest purchase from the monthly flea market at the fairgrounds - $5. It's the frame of an old Hamilton Boys rifle. Looks like somebody whittled revolver grips for it and "hand fitted" them (haha). Maybe a gift to a small boy to play with 90 years ago on the farm. Kim
  6. Thanks ... I appreciated your suggestions.
  7. Msgt (Master Sergeant P?????E Just a guess on my part. Kim
  8. I've seen that smaller style occasionally come with WW1 uniforms.
  9. I started with a soft toothbrush, graduated to a cotton cloth and toothpick, introduced some mild dish soap and water, rubbing & wiping. Then (please don't hate me), I used fine steel wool very selectively on the rays - teenie little pieces of it. I think it turned out good!
  10. Thanks Hunt! I think I got it! Here's a before and after:
  11. I have a 'wall of rust' where I hang stuff like that in my barn. Two conditions: Price has to be right (less than $20) and it has to be in hopeless condition! Lots of comments over the years!
  12. Looks like green verdigris to me - not a hunk of 80 year old pea soup!
  13. Before I go at it with a too aggressive caustic approach, what is the best approach towards cleaning this medal (small area at about 7:00). Obviously I don't want to damage it nor do I want it to look so clean that it sticks out. Thanks! Kim
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