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    I served with the 1st Bn 16th Infantry, Germany from 1975-1978. Did a lot of growing up! I am selectively collecting militaria now. Mostly 1st Division related items, interesting knives and guns that interest me. I am also recently retired and am spending a lot of time fixing my 1826 brick farmhouse. A pain to do some days but mostly a joy!

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  1. And here is a WW1 memorial set up in a small corner lot in West Liberty, Ohio. These gun tubes are 107 inches long with a bore diameter of 3 inches. These came out of a French gun foundry. A little research suggests these are WW1 era guns for the common 75mm artillery pieces as used by the AEF as well. Kim
  2. This is what one looks like in its original configuration.
  3. I think I figured it out! I believe it to be a WW1 era BL 9.2 inch field artillery howitzer with a 10 foot barrel. Of course it is just the barrel now. Bethlehem Steel allegedly made 45 for the AEF. Not sure any of the 45 saw service. Supposedly only 5 in the U.S. remain, being used as war memorials like this one.
  4. It's on display at a small rural cemetery in Arlington, Ohio alongside route 40. I stopped and took some pictures. Overall length is 133 inches. Inside bore diameter is 9 1/4 inches. What type gun is this? Caliber? Is it a Navy gun? Thanks! Kim
  5. Here is a brassard I picked up today. The seller had no ID on it. The diamond shape is 6 inches across:
  6. I acquired 6 of these bandoleers with ammo dated 1938-1940, not sure on the exact headstand date unless I look again. All of the ammo is on brass stripper clips. A couple questions: 1. We're the stripper clips of ammo situated in the pockets with the bullet points in the same direction? 2. Were the bandoleers issued with cardboard inserts and used at all times, or was the cardboard use an optional feature?
  7. Thanks everyone....it's now obvious I was overthinking it. Kim
  8. Picked up this old original photo postcard, unused postally First of it's type, it quickly became obsolete. I suspect the photo was taken sometime during WW1.
  9. I bought this small sealed box of bore brushes this weekend at a flea market. What are these for? Box is tiny - 4 x 1 3/4 x 3/4 inch. Thanks!
  10. I picked this up this past weekend at a small flea market in Dayton, Ohio. Looks like it was never used:
  11. I can't quite make out the first number of the serial. Is it a '6' ?
  12. Thanks for the second set of eyes Irish Rob.
  13. What a great jacket ! Any idea on who the veteran might have been? Thanks for showing. Kim
  14. Cerick1450:. Thanks for posting your Taylor wrist compass. I have the identical compass with the same limited markings and same question and now I know! Kim
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