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  1. Field Artillery Unit on the left and 33 Engineers HQ on the right....Cannot make out the numbers on the FA Doughboy but its Battery G under the crossed cannons Regards Lloyd
  2. Kurt...what a fantastic grouping.... my 2 questions are why Observer wings ? or was that what he was when he rotated "back home".......and 2 ...the 306th were "First Over Germany" did he transfer or is the record for Lead Crew just 303rd specific...? And I am still Wowing over how complete that grouping is for a 42-43 crew also check some of the ages on that flight log "home".. Regards Lloyd
  3. Bonjour Nicholas No big ones anymore...but some small ones left especially in Camden Passage...where are you going to be going in London ? regards Lloyd
  4. What about 1943 dated 1st pattern M43 shovel covers ? Regards Lloyd
  5. Gentlemen...the 3rd RCN patch shown in the first page of this thread...i picked one up at an arms fair here in the UK last weekend...it doesnt glow,burn or look modern made...its flat edged and looks "right" so my questions are a- who wore this patch 83rd Recon ? or b- during what period ? c - are they an original or a post war fantasy piece ? Regards Lloyd
  6. Love the TSMG collection photo.................quality regards Lloyd
  7. Righteous as ...Right TR... Regards Lloyd
  8. Looks right to me TR.......................any label in pocket and a close up of the zip pull would nail it... Regards LLoyd
  9. Isnt this a variation of the Medics "wound tag" pouch ? Regards Lloyd
  10. Manayunkman...this is an open invitation for you to join us 2nd Armoured in Europe living historians next year on our 2017 CCB Normandy trip where we will be following the combat route of the Combat Command B 2nd Armoured down to St Denis le Gast....taking Shermans Stuarts M8s half tracks and Gun & Mortar Jeeps and approx. 200 correctly turned out GIs along with a full Ordnance and AM&S back up. Don't dream it come and live it with us for 10 days next July. regards Lloyd
  11. I have an M7 Launcher a Knapp-Monarch one for my 1943 Springfield M-1 Scotty. Hit me up if you want pics.... regards Lloyd
  12. Scotty..what info you need ? M-1 Garand took the M7 launcher...with the addition of the correct gas cylinder plug it took all manner of rifle grenades including flares and illumination rounds ...including the pineapple grenade accompanied by the launcher adaptor as mentioned before. Obviously it used 30.06 blanks that's why you see grenadiers with an extra bandolier for the blanks rather than ready rounds Hope this helps regards Lloyd
  13. Lovely Robeson..... Regards Lloyd
  14. Flage Guy...sorry to bump up this post but I for one would like to see that picture Regards Lloyd
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