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    Both of my Grandfathers were in WWII so I am always looking for WWII 8th and 9th AAF stuff...Uniforms, Named medals and just about any scrap book or grouping etc...

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  1. Thank you, I had no idea about the Carbine blank firing attachment. It was in with the other pieces when I got them so at least one mystery solved!
  2. I picked these up at an auction a few years ago because they were cheap, and I stashed them away until tonight as I was doing some cleaning I came across them. Someone told me that they thought these are a bolt assembly for a 20MM Machine Gun / Anti Aircraft Gun used by the US Navy Oerlikon Mark II. I thought if I put posted them here on the forum that someone would know? Thanks,
  3. This is fairly small measures 2 inches tall and 1 1/4 wide. Someone told me that it is a civil war cap badge so I thought I would post it an find out....what exactly do I have?? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone....I still have no idea for sure what era its from, but at least now I know that it is a regimental decoration piece of some sort. I have found others similar on the web, but no others that I have seen have the detail that this one has. Lsparks you are correct, it does look to have been in the frame for a very long time a has tape with yellowed edges holding the back in place. I will leave it in place, and enjoy it as is. Thanks again for the help!
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