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  1. Can anyone advise on the authenticity of backwards facing 1st ID patches meant to be worn on the right shoulder as the combat patch? I have some in desert tan with a backwards 1. Any links or direction is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I would contact the Brigade of the American Revolution google it There is also the Northwest Territory Alliance google it Good resources. Depeding on how accurate you want he uniforms you can make them after much research or buy something form online catalogues that make you look period but not always completely accurate. You have to identify the uint first, then you should have luck putting together the right impression. Good luck
  3. it has. photos are ok. You just are not supposed to publish without asking permission.
  4. Paul, as far as I know you haev one if not two D bales??? Perhaps not. But if you know the diameter that ought to be seen, can you share with us? Are you saying this one presented is too large or is correct?
  5. Also, one was sold by Brent Mullins to a guy in Florida
  6. Museums that ask to borrow something should only do so if they intend on displaying them. If you offer to lend them something for display they ought not to take it if there is no reason for having it. If you want to help fill up their space work with them to provide materials that will help fulfill their mission but that dont look like a surplus shop full of stuff. ASk what their plans are, show you where it will be, find out whos gonna take care of it and be involved. Dont ask them to store your stuff, they shouldnt take it anyway. Ski I have to dispute your thems the facts statement
  7. Captain Gallery was NOT almost courtmartialed for capturing the boat and the codebooks. He was provided intelligence prior to departure and all durin the cruise and the highest levels of the navy were aware of his effort and had supported it. Gallery was NEVER threatened with courtmartial for this heroic acheivement.
  8. The boat had guns on display at one time but during the 1968 convention in Chicago it was decided to put them all in the vault and as far as I know they never went back out. The swastika was not banned. The stuka only went to EAA because it had fallen whil being cleaned and had exstensive damage. the only place it could be fixed at the time was EAA. It stayed there for several years and then returned. It hangs there today and has the swastika.
  9. This flyers uniform was THE pilot that attacked the U-505 when it was near the surface to show the location to the surface ships.
  10. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a WWI Liberty Truck in any condition please reply here with some basic information and pics if you have them. 1) First Division Museum at Cantigny in Wheaton, IL 2) USMC museum 3) USAF Museum Dayton 4) Transportation museum Ft Eustis 5) Oregon Military Museum Others???
  11. ive got one of these crappy pistols. goes full auto on the second round. gets everyones attention at the range though!
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