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  1. At a quick glance you're mystery mask looks like it may be British?
  2. I copied the below caption from under the pic of a pair of these flak goggles from the Nat Musem of the USAF. Plans call for this artifact to be displayed near the B-17F Memphis Belle™ as part of the new strategic bombardment exhibit in the WWII Gallery, which opens to the public on May 17, 2018. Armored flak goggles issued to Memphis Belle navigator Capt Charles “Chuck” Leighton. Leads one to believe they were at least issued as they name the crewmember they were issued to (I would hope they would not outright fabricate stories behind a display but I'm not naïve either)…It would be ni
  3. Can't answer your questions but if you come across period photos of aircrew wearing these I would be interested in seeing them... I have a couple pair displayed with various flak helmets myself.
  4. The data/nomenclature plates read the same?? Can you post pics of the nomenclature?
  5. They're simple D rings, non adjustable (I might have another one with the upper adjustable RJE fittings, I'll have to look as I'm digging my stuff back out). I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but going back to the grommets I never even considered the pilots survival knife. When I Looked at the spacing between the grommets I assumed it was way to big for that knife and had my mind set on a MK2 or similar, but that just didn't make sense due to the sheath designs. I just dug out a pilots survival knife and the sheath matches up perfectly with the grommets.... I still can't believe I didn't
  6. Thanks for the reply mohawkALSE, It does still retain the early Rocket Jet fittings for the chute as well, they were just out of sight in the first photos.
  7. Does anybody know the purpose of the four grommets you see from time to time on these rigger modified harnesses? My best guess was an attachment point for a Larger knife... Kbar etc. But in practice I don't know that this makes much sense. The grommets are approximately 10 inches apart. Thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks for the response gents, I'm not sure of the era, would this have been used during Vietnam? Owen do you remember if yours had the zippered pocket on the left arm as well. Thanks again
  9. Can someone help with the identfication if this top? Thanks in advance.
  10. Reminds me of a British sniper veil, but this looks a bit thicker...
  11. Are the chinstraps clipped or sewn on (from the pics looks like clips) ? If clipped is it the black or green hardware? Thanks
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