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  1. WOOO HOOOOO - That's JUST what I was looking for.... My uncle was on the 381 (USN) and cross decked to the 025 as stated in the article you sent. I always wondered why they swapped boats, and now it is clear!! I have all his records and uniforms, but am trying to get any wartime photos so I can put together a whole package. I have copies of orders listing the complimnet of the the 025 and a listing of the others who were the fitting out crew of the 381. Thanks SO much for the info!!!
  2. My uncle, Willard Swanson, was an officer on the LST 025. ANyone have any photos of the boat, or info on the crew? Thanks.
  3. If your items are in LONG term storage, I would advise finding the Brownells website (they deal in gun parts and similar items) and check out their brownells long term gun storage bags with Rust-blocker tabs. These bags are HEAVY mylar air-tite bags which are easily sealled with a regular iron. the rust blockers are small yellow plastic squared impregnated with some sort of chemical that slowly displaces moistue and other metal-cancer causing stuff. If you DON'T want to seal the bags, then ziplocks with some of the rustblockers would likely do the trick. I have used these for years to store CW swords, guns bayonets etc, while they are stored in non-climate controlled areas for the years I am overseas. Never had a problem yet. Can't do better than that!
  4. I will add my name as a FORMER staunch pecard's fan. 20 years ago, I thought it was the best. Then, over time, the "bloom" came out, and some former VERY nice artifacts soon became "pretty good" artifacts. I don't like having to periodically retreat an item to make it look almost as good as it did when I first got it. I also feel weird when it comes time to sell something, and I have to tell the buyer, "you should get some pecard's to treat this periodically" so they won't feel screwed a few months down the line. leave it well enough alone. Get some nice soft cloths and acid free paper. lightly brush dust off of iitems, keep an eye on verdigris, and let air get to items so they don't get mold or other leather cancer. wrap loosely in acid free paper (which mainly keeps the leather from touching other contaminants in the boxes you store stuff in) and hope the roof stays on the house. I haven't tried Connoly's so I can't say. After one hard learned lesson, I am a bit skeptical....
  5. I have to agree! The glider riders never got the credit, and got "twisted" out of jump pay as well. Nothing but respect for those guys. Nice collection! I have a question. I thought the warrant officer pilots would wear warrant insignia on thier class A lapels, and not officer. Am I incorrect? Am I trying to apply logic whereit shouldn't be? Thanks, and NICE collection....
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