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  1. Wartime Coke bottles can be found rather easily, I collect antique bottles on the side. Now I must say though, on a recent vacation in the south every antique store or flea market I stopped at had tons of bottles. There was one place in Savannah, Georgia called Kellers that had quite a bit of WWII and Pre WWII coke bottles going rate on norm is about 5 bucks a bottle.
  2. A simple fix, one just needs to go to an antique store to find original bottles, clean them out, fill them with coke and recap them. Curious though what was the color cap during WW2?
  3. I always see this one photo of you everywhere and I friggin love it because it looks awesome, not gonna lie.
  4. More than likely if you contact the National Marine Museum and let them know what you have they will probably pay for you to have exact copies of those made for them. Seriously, a copy of what you have needs to be in the Archives of the Marine Corps. So just curious, anything else neat come out of that storage locker?
  5. You ever want to part with it, just send me a message
  6. Theres some good stuff about him on the net as was already stated, but you could probably also contact the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson and see what they have on your fellow. Or you could take a trip to D.C. and hit up the National Archives which is bound to have something.....I high suggest the National Archives just because it is an experience on its own.
  7. Okay quick question, site looks awesome, but I noticed the photo of the dress blues you had on the rack. In this photo 8th or 9th uniform in from the right, is it just the way the picture took or do those chevrons have a larger red area than normal?
  8. Yea this actually my second ACH/MICH helmet and I havent paid mor than $80, this last one I picked up for $40 which is most def. a steal I couldnt pass up. I had a buddy give me a few items he used in Iraq (.203 round carrier, a dump mag pouch, even a 1942 dated mussette bag that he used as a dump pouch!) since then I have kind of been bitten by the collecting bug for OIF and OEF and even a little bit of Somalia and Desert Storm. I'm actually gonna be in Savannah in a few weeks and figure I'll see what the junk shops have around Ft. Stewart.
  9. you just gotta know where to look, I've found the best places to look are where they dont specialize in militaria. I picked an ACH with cover and pads up a year ago in excellent condition from a knife shop, the guy got it from a recruiter. I paid $80 for it. I just picked up a MICH yesterday (theres a thread about it) with night vision mount, helmet cover, ESS goggles and a complete suspension and pads for $40.
  10. Recently I picked up a MICH helmet with complete pads and suspension, it also had its night vision mount (complete just missing the night vision goggles) ESS goggles with dust cover and helmet cover. Now this is where I'm thrown off, the Helmet Cover is of the DCU pattern and was one that was made for the older PASGT Kevlar helmets. It also has written on it "8th Tank Battalion A Company" and "Task Force Tarawa" with a "USMC" and EGA under the 8th Tank Battalion. I did a little research and the 8th Tank Battalion A Company was assigned with Task Force Tarawa during the Initial Invas
  11. Any dates on them? I'm assuming it is early war due to the fact that the color of the packs, alot of the green packs were changed to white during the war to preserve dyes.
  12. That tan jacket looks like top half of a nomex flight suit. Very Cool!
  13. Haha that could be dangerous, I've noticed on here the way you pick up items left and right, you prolly owe her more than 127 pairs. Was that in the pre-nup? I hate going into antique stores, theres one around here that deals a little bit in Military antiques, sometimes I will take pieces in to see if he wants to trade and the first thing he says out of his mouth is "Lets see what ebay says about the price" Several times I have told him that ebay isnt an accurate go by cause sometimes items go for way less than their worth or way over their worth, and yet he still sticks by it.
  14. Well the buttons are more modern and the wool for the hat doesnt appear to be the wool from WW2 or Korea it appears to be that wool blend used heavily in the 1970s and 80s.
  15. Looks to be between late 1960s to late 1980s but thats just my opinion
  16. I noticed that as well, you can see some considerable wording on the plaque yet he provides no pictures as to what it says. I know if I was in his shoes I would have had the second picture be of what the plaque says, rather than the fringe. The way the frame is, and from the way the plaque appears to be written and attached, I want to say this flag was more than likely on display in a museum or university at one point, it doesnt seem like it was always displayed in a home.
  17. I've seen this flag for sale on ebay and I believe he has tried to sell it a couple of other places as well now it is being sold on Manions (the list it yourself portion of the site) and while I recognize that it is a genuine 48 star flag, what I dont think I buy is the story behind it. Heres the link to the auction: http://www.listityourselfauctions.com/detail.asp?id=38337 Heres the Description that came with the auction: I have an American flag that saw battle in France & Belgium during WWI in 1918. This flag also led the victory parade through the Arc De Triumph in Paris in
  18. I have a grouping of about 150 slides that my brother had taken while in Vietnam in 65-66. Anyone know of a place that will put them on CD or is able to print them on photos?
  19. Thanks everyone, at least the actual blade is good.
  20. A friend of mine from work gave me an M1 Garand Bayonet today dated 1943 everything would seem good on it except one thing about it that stands out to me. The scabbard the metal part has what remains of the od green paint with a crown FRF stamping on it, the wooden part appears to have never been painted at all and is a polished dark brown wood. I've only seen them having been painted. Any ideas why this ones wooden sheath was left unpainted.
  21. Just be sure to keep off the paved trails lol! One thing most Vietnam Vets have told me is that they wouldnt be caught dead walking on a paved trail. But you guys look awesome!
  22. This is another current medal of honor copy made in austrailia for the production of "The Pacific" http://www.quarterdeckmilitaria.com.au/med.../230209-002.jpg Looks a heck of a lot better than the chinese copy you bought and other than a little discoloration of the metal used for the medal it looks pretty spot on, though I wish the photo was a bit clearer.
  23. Just dont make the same mistake the movie Forest Gump did and have palmetto cabbage showing.
  24. Having owned an original uniform with a theater made 332nd Patch on it, I can attest this patch looks poorly made stitchin wise. It looks to be intact but not fully complete. The one I had was very nice, the lion looked like a winged lion not like a bunch of threads arranged to look like it. So with that being said I think there is a possibility of this one being a fake.
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