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  1. I had hoped for better from your wife! My wife told me it is looks nice and I could stick it, ram it, cram it, or shove it anywhere it would fit in my office. She said orifice, but I know she meant office.
  2. Thanks Ken. Great transaction, glad you like the liner. Enjoy!

  3. Seriously, I'm glad you got it and I am also glad I didn't get into the bidding. I would not have wanted to drive up the price on you. Good catch! :thumbsup:
  4. Those Wisconsinites are overfed and full of, well, they are just full! The truth is I am the real grandson of dear old Fritz, and I can tell you stories of his service that would turn your Alabama hair WHITE! I remember one especially, "It was a hot day at Tarawa.................................
  5. And that Woody Haralson; don't get me started on him :ermm:
  6. Didn't like it, but then, whenever I see Sean Penn just breathing I nearly throw up. I find it amazing that a man that stupid can actually read enough of a script to perform on film, but then again, who knows how many takes it took to finish his scenes. Could it be that the syphilis he might have caught from Madonna is affecting his brain? You can likely tell from my post that I really don't care for the man. :thumbdown: Have I ever told you how little I like George Clooney?
  7. It was definitely the post war model used by the Spanish.
  8. Bet he won't use the dog's correct name. :ermm:
  9. Take note of the triple HBT with provision for the snap in sweatband.
  10. Man!!!! That guy is BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I don't think I would have gotten too close to him; he would have definitely drawn fire.
  11. I agree, ex paratrooper lid with a neat Marine liner. :thumbsup:
  12. That is a really fine helmet. Navy helmets rarely get their due, but that one speaks loudly. Great work! :thumbsup:
  13. Chris signed one for me a few years back at the Show of Shows. I also bought a good fixed bail from him; so I can claim to have a piece from the famous Armold Collection! He really is a class act and it is a shame that he dropped out of the collection scene.
  14. It is a neat piece, but I have to agree with Bug. At that amount it is just not worthwhile. His stuff is usually way over priced anyway. :ermm:
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