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  1. Lead test, can buy them at Home Depot. Lead, most likely WW2....... No lead, then not even painted on in the 60's by kids playing "Army". Give it a shot. Regards
  2. Thank you for sharing this....! A life well lived by another American Hero....! Regards, Chris
  3. Soldiers have done this since WW1 and before for sure.... A white bed sheet, it is winter, and your helmet is brown......... Yep, cover it, make it blend in..... Strap it on and tie it up....! I bet since the ancient Greek days. this has gone on........... Don't stand out.... The first guy who stands out gets killed, or the guy carrying the colors........... Killed early and often, not a good thing. Just ask the guy in the American Civil War who held the Brigade Flag.... Yep, you can't, he was killed very early......... And the 7 other guys who picked the flag up after h
  4. Costa, so what is the story on this one....? Any...? At first glance I drool but then my age and experience says step away after 5 seconds...! Too good to be true.... Just like I do when I run across a Rattlesnake here in Northern California during the summer..... Back away, slowly.......... And stay alive to hike another day, hike over, go the other way...... Regards, Chris
  5. Thank you, and I have more... You do realize that you will too now...! You have not bought your last one. Best deal out there now are WW1 helmets.... They are still sleepers.... I thought the 100 anniversary of that war would bump prices up... Nope. Lot's of great divisional M17's out there on Ebay for a song. And of even maybe more interest are the marked helmets, the M17's from between the wars, another topic in themselves and some very cool lids to pick up here and there. Regards, Chris
  6. Be careful... They tend to grow on you and multiply..... Take up a lot of room too... Can't stand them....! Actually, my wife can't stand them.... I love em. Regards, Chris
  7. For sure...! Got many an M1 just like that....! Total early fixed bail lids with a Vietnam cover thrown over it to "add value", or maybe not..... Yep, 20 bucks and it is yours....! The 70's and 80's these lids were everywhere and you could get them for a song..... German lids for $50 here and there.... Paid up to $100 a few years ago for the FB M1's but they had to have everything on them..... All the parts.... And the kicker is, they could be totally legit period Vietnam lids that were just recycled without being updated at the depots. Do you take the cover off and call it a
  8. All good, and adds to the equation for sure..... If you know the characters involved....? And I do mean characters.... Pickers are great people but they do have the gift of gab and imaginaition, at least the ones I know. They have one goal, make the most buck they can..... They know history and value when they see it but they are after top dollar always and will "massage" the story to suit the buyer, every time. Buy the helmet and not the story as they have said a thousand times over.... Not saying this one is fake, just saying I would have to have it in hand and with my good loo
  9. My first take is that I would pass on this one....... Not for me. Just my gut feeling in the first 10 seconds of studying it. I'll study it more just to be sure but maybe convince me this is the real deal....? Open to being educated always..... Could be...? Maybe...? Wear pattern is my first concern, but not my only one..... I could be wrong but my radar and 50 years of collecting helmets says keep moving on....... For $200 maybe, I'd take a chance maybe and get it under the loop, some real good magnification........ But I am not buying helmets right now, I am full up on stora
  10. Yep, depends on the size of your house.... How many rooms, and what your wife will tolerate.......... How many kids roaming around..... I once had a very big house, 3700 sq feet.... 2 garages.... Had helmets in my closet (my giant walk in closet, she had her own closet...), one garage (the man cave), and in the bonus room that had rock and roll posters covering the walls and a few good helmets. A few high value ones in the gun safe.... SS lids and camo's.... Beater helmets in the garage..... That was in the days of a 100+ helmets, like 140 to 180 or so.... Downsized to my future
  11. Love those driveway pics........ Did it myself years ago.... Many of these helmets are gone now, but new ones took their place. Well done, and that is a lot of work to set those out I must say. Regards, Chris
  12. Having been born in SF and raised in Pacifica I remember many times being brought to the USS San Francisco memorial in Lands End.... I have brought my children there since a few times...... Well done, love the history you have provided. Regards, Chris
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