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  1. Hello Folks - Found this at a local antique shop and not sure what I may have, if anything at all. But the price was low and it looked pretty good, IMHO, so here it is. I would have to say it is unissued, although well yellowed and with foxing and stain. Only marking is a size tag in the back and under the leather sweatband. Has the blue felt band under the white, locations for side buttons are brass grommets and a threaded brass grommet for EGA. The EGA that is in it does not even pretend to look original but seems to be more of a place-holder for an original. Under the sweatband is a wov
  2. Hello Folks - Been quite a while, but am back for.... Stopped by the local flea market and they had this tach for $5.00. Couldn't resist. I've done some searching and found similar gauges, but all were US Navy marked. The tag indicates it is an Indicator Tachometer - Type E-9A. I believe it is an aircraft gauge, but I cannot find any info on the "US Army" type and where it may have been used. Any info appreciated! Thanks & Best Regards! - Mike
  3. OK Gents, let's try this one. At the local auction this past weekend I won this relic musket, a minty Bullseye Canteen made into a scout canteen and a nice CW Era folding chair withe name stenciled or painted on the back. Will post the latter later if interested. But here is the musket. It has an older tag on it that says it was in the Rosensteel Collection. I know, buy the musket not the story, but for $20.00 I couldn't pass. The tag is pre-WW2, as it doesn't blacklight. It has been coated with shellac and covered with dust and fur.... There is an old lead patch across the back of the ta
  4. Here is the backside, one has been modified, but looks like it was originally meant to be sewn on and then screwbacks, two broken, added. 4"W x 3"H and quite a heavy, pressed brass.
  5. Hi Folks - Picked these up in a box lot at a local auction. I've not been able to find anything out about them and am hoping one of the resident experts might have an idea. Maybe not even US items, but have to start somewhere. They were is an are with a number of other CW items. Thanks for looking! - Mike
  6. That's it! Many thanks Gents!
  7. Hello Gentlemen - I picked up a breech cover, but am not sore exactly what for. Pics tomorrow, but for tonight, it is a tan color, pretty grimy and stained but only one possible stamp I cannot read. It is three button with leather lace on the front. Doesn't seem to fit the Brit MkIII* very well as the place with the extra patch doesn't line up correctly. The buttons are a bit unique as they have a flattened dome on top.... Any thoughts? I know it is difficult without photos... Thanks! - Mike
  8. Thanks Guys! Warrom, I think you nailed it. Seems I recall seeing these on the troopers. Never in a bad circumstance fortunately. Ahhh...., well, then need to find a 6" S&W or someone who needs this. Whichever comes first.
  9. I'm thinking police, but can't find any info on this style anywhere. Marked "38" over "6" on the back. Picked it up cheap, as it looks like a decent rig. Hoping to use it with a .38 S&W Victory. But maybe too long..... Thanks! - Mike
  10. Hi Brooke - Now that is interesting in itself. We are over in Western NY, so it hasn't traveled all that far. But still, to make the connection we have does make one wonder.... Yes, it has found a good home, and has a lot of company, including an Austrian 8cm. shell case engraved with "Mt. Grappa - June 26, 1918" Thanks again for your help! - Mike
  11. Hello Folks - Found this in a local shop and couldn't resist. It is, I believe, an Italian 75mm. Casing with a nice Trench Art Flag Scene painted on it with an inscription of "Ricordo del Passagio del PIAVE" and the name "J.A. Barnes." Unfortunately some of the paint has been lost, but still, I like it.... Any idea of how to find out who "J.A. Barnes" may be? Possibly a member of the USAAS? Thanks for looking! - Mike
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