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  1. Private purchase enlisted (no officers cuff braid). Buttons added at some point well after use...
  2. Shank should be just a simple pewter loop (like the examples shown on the site you linked). I would say 1976 or so. I don't think a whole lot of value, but a neat curio.
  3. Yes. Could be from the bicentennial, as I'm sure it was buried for many years. Where was it found? Somewhere a reenactment might have happened?
  4. The shank and the number 4 on the reverse make me suspect this is not an original button.
  5. Geoff at Golden Arrow should be able to pull his PH Medal Award Card for you, not sure what current prices are but probably about $15. https://www.goldenarrowresearch.com/
  6. First one is probably a 76MM "M62A1" (tank round). Missing the driving band (which would have had markings) and the cap. Not sure why they both have holes drilled into them?
  7. The 110th got pretty chewed up at the Battle of the Marne, they were next to the 3rd Division.
  8. You see this type of marking on the fire direction towers on battleships noting number of actions, planes shot down etc. I suspect the guy who wore the liner was in 5 naval shore bombardments/invasions and the occupation of Japan. In fact heres a photo of similar markings on a Mk37 Gun Director:
  9. Dave, flip through version is here: https://archive.org/details/peacetimeawardso00sapi/mode/2up (there is usually a "see other versions" button on that txt version page that sends you to the actual scans.)
  10. Not to derail too much, but if you fast-forward to 34 minutes in, this fella shows off the one that saved his life in Normandy. https://memory.loc.gov/diglib/vhp/story/loc.natlib.afc2001001.24600/?fbclid=IwAR0Qwivr554u-TIpLcs2n8iQLdovZS-JpfW-t-SW4WhcCK71Q_okEYlSG2c
  11. Here's my pair of Wellco's, dated 4-97. 3rd pattern? Or 2nd? Great discussion thread guys.
  12. Wow! Some fantastic shots there! I wonder the circumstances on the 39th Artillery guy. It's not named, right?
  13. If the C-47 is tail number 42-24178, it went to Europe and stayed there with the 36th FIW in Germany until 1963 (in storage for most of the 50s). It then went to Air America with the Royal Laotian AF. Unknown fate after 1966. I could not find a similar paint scheme on it, it was bright skinned in the late 50s, so probably a late 40s shot. The P-51 could be one of the "occupation air force" aircraft in Germany in the late 40s. 36th FIW was at Fürstenfeldbruck, along with the Swiss (flying US P-51s, yours isn't Swiss marked). Wonder if there were other air forces contributing the
  14. Wow! Didn't even notice that before. I wonder if he had SGT stripes on both sleeves at one point? Or perhaps one of the pre-war CAC rating patches?
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