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  1. The condition of the blackened brass would be my biggest ??? Would like to see the back of the insignia for sure, but without provenance I don't think these are anything I'd want to add to my collection.
  2. Neat coat Brock! The ribbon is for the VFW medal, commonly found on WWI coats. Is the 1st A patch cross stitched on like the other patches?
  3. I think this was my favorite wing find of the year. Kind of tough to top and don't think I'll get as lucky in 2021....but ya never know!
  4. Yep agree, shrapnel round. Neat lamp! I've seen a couple like this and if I didn't already have a "victory" lamp I'd probably have one of these! The last one I sold had a helmet for the base and was chrome plated (it was also a boat anchor!)
  5. You have a source for this information? Have never heard that before. If that were the case wouldn't it make sense to notch the chinstrap vs cutting with the grain? It's my understanding they were split to cradle the chin for a tighter fit while worn. Regarding the painting, I think done by the vet in the 20s-30s. You don't see glossy paint used immediately post war. No idea who wore it - right?
  6. Absolutely fantastic photos. I've spent about 20 minutes so far examining them! I took a look and am hesitant to make a call one way or the other on where she was before the war started. I certainly couldn't find her coming to the US before the war. Her naturalization application states that she was in the PA in 1916:
  7. 20th century/turn of century. Most likely a marching band/school/academy uniform piece. Would start by looking at what academies were operating in MA before WWI.
  8. If named and he went overseas we might be able to ID based off of transport records.
  9. Is the officers coat named inside the pocket tag?
  10. Not a ton of value in it unfortunately, maybe $40-50 to someone that absolutely needs one.
  11. This would have been attached to the inside back of a bucket seat in any number of aircraft. In a lot of a/c the pilots would have worn a back or seat parachute that fit the cavity in the seat. When a parachute wasn't necessarily warranted these were hooked in so you had some sort of padding. There would have been a corresponding yellow seat cushion for use as well. Pilot's seat photo taken from google.
  12. Gotta love the vintage shops. Some of my best friends are vintage dealers Picked up a WWI numbered red cross arm band for a song in one on Sunday, in fact. Love those cowboy hats, if they didn't take up so much space I'd keep more of them. Nice finds!
  13. It should be 111-SC-157305, but I'm not seeing it on NARA either. it says only 60 some thousand records in the catalog, so its possible its not there. I DO think the LOC also has a lot of these SC photos digitized, but not by the photo number. Sorry I cant be of more help!
  14. Just following up on this as I found mention of these buttons elsewhere. These Continental buttons were issued as a series of 6 by Time magazine around the 4th of July 1969. 3 large coat size Artillery and 3 small cuff size New York buttons. The coat size buttons were marked with a 4 on the back, and the smaller buttons a 6.
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