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  1. Sad news indeed. He did a great podcast interview with Jocko last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__Mx0kpHN-I
  2. These just turned up here in MN, out of a WWII-Korea pilots effects. Still working on his history, but nice to see out of the woodwork. Multiples like this I'd tend to question, but these appear to have all of the right indicators. Thanks to Mtnman for his excellent primer on these, it was a bit tough to get to with the forum down last week (google thankfully cached the thread). Another thanks to the forums staff for getting us back up and running, I'm sure it was a painful experience.
  3. Welcome Andrew, from another Mpls resident.
  4. The 136th MEB uses the same insignia with a green bolt. Since they are not a WWII unit, this has to be whatever their predecessor was. Texas Guard based unit.
  5. Whats left of the range backstop/pits is on Federal managed land (there is actually a Fed small arms range over part of it) - no access to that area unless a Federal employee. The rest of that end of the range is under water. Whats left of the firing line is on an island that is tough to get to. I have walked it, but with regular spring flooding there is nothing to note of interest besides the occasional 30 cal casing.
  6. Some of the WWI/WWII buildings at Fort Snelling (here in MN) used similar keys - but I would assume that was the height of door lock technology at the time. For what its worth, I would take your specific building theory and run with it.
  7. The rank would have been Cpl, and unit 326th Infantry - but I'm assuming you already had those details.
  8. Stanton did a really good book on Korean War Army uniforms years ago, and covers these briefly in it (chapter 3). Its just a standard Jacket, Field, Pile, M1943 - but the 8th Army apparently issued over 400,000 of them in the early 1950s for use in Korea. Stands to reason, since the other guys are wearing the 1943 Field jacket as well! Thats a really great photo, by the way.
  9. Hi Al, Middle name was Anderson, he was Infantry BOS. Pretty sure this is his obit: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/port-charlotte-fl/earl-miller-8113974 Couldn't find him on the 90th Div site, but I'm sure someone else will chime in with other details.
  10. If you paid Salvation Army prices, I'd be happy to double your money. Nice custom jacket with shirt size wings added. Interesting to see the left sleeve isn't patched, and too bad not more than Becker to go off.
  11. Nice shot of some Medical Detachment men in the 121st Field Artillery. A couple nice patches shown.
  12. Standard MKII practice grenade, as used during the war. See comparison here: http://www.inert-ord.net/usa03a/usa2/mk2sp/index.html
  13. I've seen 11th and 14th Engineers on British style tags as well.
  14. Name Rank • Ship/City/Unit Medal Number Date Issued/Notes J. W. Jackson Kansas City, MO 6743
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