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  1. I just bought a pickup truck load of military items, alot of nice items. 1- mint 30 round pouch [ 1949 ] J.Q.M.D. , PLUS 6 -30 ROUND MAGS, 4 IN THE WRAP, 1 WRAPER IS DATED 1958, ALL THE SAME [ SEY ] . 2 mags out of the wrap have some rust on them, will clean them. the ones in the wrap are mint. funny how I find things, last 12 months I got around 5 30 rd.pouches, all dated 1949 to 1952. plus SEY mags, plus 1 hardback mag also. I don't get 30 rds to often. will try to send some pictures??? or e mail me [ gibob43@yahoo.com ] I can send someone some pictures to down load?? Bob
  2. I got a few weeks ago a pair of usmc mark 40 binoculars & case , they are nice, lens are clear, look better in person then what the pictures show. I had many different military binoculars in my life time, but can't remermber ever having a pair of this model? are these hard to find??? also what would these worth?? I tryed to upload a picture, too big??? Bob
  3. got another nice buy, the 20th I bought 2- 2.36 bazooka rockets & a 75cal drill round complete, a m-7-a1 training rocket & a 2.36 rocket with folding fins, rare experiential rocket in real nice condition. today I bought a nice usmc binocular & case. 7x50 mark 40 1943 . case looks like plastic or rubber?? they look nicer in person then what the picture shows. hope I can send a few pictures of them? Bob
  4. thanks for the info, I though it was a experimental rocket , as over my years of collecting I never had 1 like this 1. as for the M-7 A1, I had a few over the years, 75 cal round too. I do get good finds every now & then . [ lucky ] thanks to my big sign out in front of the house & on a highway too. thanks again Bob :bravo:
  5. yesterday I bought 3 pieces a guy wanted to sale, was his fathers , 1st. was a ww2 2.36 rocket, marked [ rocket practice atm 7-a1 lot wc 30-62 11-4? . 2 nd. was a 75 cal. drill round, marked [ drill ammunation 75 cal. 1''10 MKI sc 3-43 . 3rd. was a rocket with folding fins, look like a 2.36 rocket?? omly marks is R & B . this 1 I don't know? any help on this 1. try to send a few pictures. thanks Bob
  6. ok Craig, will try 1. thanks Bob your right, wont allow any more. Bob
  7. sorry, i tryed to upload 2 pics. will try again. Bob upload 2 pictures, they don't come up????? bob
  8. Hi Camo , took a few pictures of m-16 30 rd. & m-14 pouches . hope this helps you some..Bob
  9. Hi Camo , took a few pictures of m-16 30 rd. & m-14 pouches . hope this helps you some..Bob
  10. Hi Pezboy, I'am just passing along the info from my friend that retired from the air force that had these pouches that I have , he [ got ] them from supply for the m-21 rifle in 2004 or 5 , I did not not say they were [MADE ] then, supply needed these pouches, only ones that had them was naval suppy. now where did they come from???? your guess is good as mine. BOB
  11. Hi camo. took a picture of the pouche w/ 1 mag in it to show you the divider , i don't have any 16 pouches handy, will try to find one & measure it to these m-14 pouches. Bob
  12. Hi, my name is BOB , new to the forum, always a military collector. was reading this about the pouches, I just got 4 - pouches like these , all nos. a friend of mine just got out of the air force & had these pouches for the m-21 rifles, he got these about 2004 or 5 ? from base supply . a batch came from navy supply. as they were the only one to have any. hope this helped some. maked in flap. m-14 rifle , DSA 100 4597 , 8465 382 6939 . metal clips marked FB . the u.s. on 2 are larger then the other 2 . will try to send a few pictures. BOB
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