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  1. CBC

    Hi there Mitch! 

    I sent you a private message about what I believe is a patch that belongs to my grandfather. Please let me know if you can help!

    Thank you!


    1. sky eagle

      sky eagle

      Didn't receive a private message....perhaps you meant someone else.

      I am sure I can't help you.....sorry.

  2. Gil, I believe Jeff has amended his opinion on the label missing the tele #. He has encountered real berets after the book was published. I believe it is posted here somewhere.
  3. I'm really sad to here of Garth's passing. He was wealth of knowledge and always eager to share it. Rest in peace Garth and my condolences to his family. He will truly be missed.
  4. Great patch Bob ! I have not seen this one. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Mitch
  5. Agree , computer generated and aged modern fake. Your thoughts were spot on. Mitch
  6. Looks good to me too Jerry ! Hopefully they didn't knock the grommets out to add the para cord chin strap. Mitch
  7. I agree with Doyler. Modern copy !
  8. PC, I would have to believe the patch is related to the ROC AF 35th Squadron. They were the "Black Cats " and I believe that is there logo on the scarf of the pilot.They flew Recon missions out of Taiwan over mainland China, North Korea, North Vietnam and Laos. They flew quite a few years out of Taiwan but had alternate landing bases in Kunsan, Korea and Takhli, Thailand. As the Vietnam war progressed , the 35th relocated to Takhli in early 65. Still all ROC pilots . They primarily flew out of there until late 74. Regards, Mitch
  9. I agree with Ron. All patches are reproductions and the wings are from the former e-bay faker called Grossriter. Do a search here and you will find several threads on him. Regards, Mitch
  10. I have just a few pieces left but the Blackhaw posted above I just got at the Show of Shows.
  11. What a great collection Condor ! As a long time collector of Vietnam Brown Water Navy patches I know how hard these patches are to come by. Thanks for sharing. Here are a few I had. Regards, Mitch
  12. This is the inside of a mint pair. It would be hard to find the dark color even then. Yours just seem to be very faded.
  13. The Aviation patches look like repros to me.
  14. What the f**k am I doing in this ? JB You beat me while I was typing !
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