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    Ozark Mountains, between the Buffalo & the Arkansas
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    My primary interest is U.S. Army uniforms from late 1800's thru 1960's. I also have the usual collecting interest most collectors have, patches, chevrons, headgear, equipment and just about anything that grabs me at the time. I love history and this hobby is my way of connecting and touching our past.
  1. I would agree with Wake. Looks like someone clipped the button shank off of a lapel pin. Could have used the face part on a display board?
  2. This post WWI, Missouri National Guard uniform has been a puzzle to me concerning the 35th SSI. I thought it might be a 140th Infantry Regiment patch that had been sewn on upside down, but after looking nerd's post in photo # 96 I see a helmet painted with the same orientation as on my uniform. I bought this coat in Springfield, Mo several years back, it is not named, but don't believe it has been messed with. Your thoughts on the SSI?
  3. I agree with KurtA, this has to be an extremely rare chevron. This is a first for me to see this chevron worn on the dress blue uniform. Does anyone have an example of one in branch colors?
  4. Photo scanned from my basic training year book The 100th Division (TNG) (Army Reserve Division) was placed on active duty in 1961, and stationed at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas during the "Berlin Crisis". As you can see in the photo, there is a PFC & Sp4 pictured, both wearing corporal stripes. The "Hard Stripes" gave these (Drill Instructors) the NCO prestige they needed, and deserved to train raw recruits. Corporal Harold I. Bowman was assigned to my platoon. He was an outstanding soldier, and a very proficient Drill Instructor. My first encounter with the "Corporal Stripe" made a lastin
  5. Great shirt! I live about 45 miles north of the site at Damascus that exploded. I remember it well. I came in contact with many crew members from this squadron during this time, There is a very good military museum in Jacksonville, AR, where LRAFB is located, and they have a lot of information about these Titan II sites. Great find.
  6. Ordnance. I picked up these two from a local WWII Veteran.
  7. Ordnance. I picked up these two caps from a local WWII Veteran.
  8. Great uniform, with all the right "stuff". It's nice to see one of these show up with all the correct pieces. Great history.
  9. No name, just ID number inside cap.
  10. Here is my WWII CWO addition. I picked this up in SLC, Utah in the 80's, and was lucky that the cap came with it.
  11. I thought I would post a photo of my post war 1902 dress uniform.
  12. Thank you for posting this photo. I always enjoy seeing new photos documenting the wear of these uniforms. I have a 1902 uniform like those in the photo. Mine is artillery branch with First Sergeant chevrons, four service stripes, artillery collar disk and DUI's worn like in the photo. Mine does not have the shoulder patch. This is the only post war photo that I have seen that pictures the collar disk and unit crest worn in the same configuration that matches the uniform in my collection. Thanks again for posting this picture, it made my day! James
  13. Lieutenant Russell Smith - WWI era (note campaign ribbons for his previous service)
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