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    Combat uniforms of the soldier of WWII and WWI. I collect all nationalities, but have a primary interest in Italian WWII, US Marine and now US Army of WWII. ...who am I kidding..I like it all! ;) If you have interesting GI photos out there, please let me know. I am fairly new to the US militaria field.
  1. Great seller! I am sorry I was so long in responding to my purchase from him. Great unit histories. Thanks!

  2. Ciao Gentlemen, I was hoping you could give me some help. I picked this up today in an antique store. Took a chance. I've been searching the internet, but I cannot find the exact helmet I have. Any help appreciated. Best Regards, Arditi www.ironlegions@weebly.com
  3. Great buyer, good fellow.

    Thanks and enjoy,


  4. Thanks Owen! I appreciate it. Best Regards, Arditi
  5. Afternoon Gentlemen, I am new to US militaria, and I am enjoying the learning process. I was curious if this uniform setup was ever used in combat or otherwise? Model 38 hbt jacket with wool trousers? Any opinions appreciated as I want to learn. If anybody has any correalating photos to share I would appreciated the visual. Best Regards, Arditi
  6. Many thanks for the help gentlemen! I look forward to learning more! Kind Regards, Arditi
  7. Afternoon Gentlemen, I am excited to be a part of this fine board. I have read many of the topics with interest. I have been, primarily, an Axis collector for many years, but I am now venturing into US WWII items. I am hoping you guys can help me please. I recently picked up a m1941 Parsons jacket, but I am now not sure of it's originality due to the reference section I perused. Could I get some opinions on this jacket please? It does not have the adjustment strap at the sides and at the cuff. No epalettes(sp?) as well. The jacket also has a strong greenish tint rather than khaki. Here are a few pics. Any opinion appreciated. I am putting a Normandy mannequin together and want originality. Many thanks for your time. Kind Regards, Arditi
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