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  1. XLIV

    Luxenberg wings

    Very good info and thanks for pics. Are there date blocks associated with each of the AECO hallmarks or were they random in the 3rd variation? Thanks again and have a safe Memorial Day 44
  2. XLIV

    Luxenberg wings

    I have admit I'm pretty new to these..appreciate all the wisdom offered.. 44
  3. Dropped a dollar on these wings today at a yard sale. Can someone help me ID its type and scarcity? 44
  4. XLIV

    VMSB 234 patch

    Its listed - rare first version Thanks everyone who assisted. Happy holidays to you and yours 44
  5. XLIV

    VMSB 234 patch

    Decided to list this on ebay. What do i call it? 44
  6. XLIV

    VMSB 234 patch

    Thanks guys. I colect too many things as it is. I see a trade in my future. 44
  7. XLIV

    VMSB 234 patch

    An old friend was cleaning his closet and threw out this old patch. Iaskedd and he said yes -take it. He was a merchant marine and said he traded with a fella for his patch. Is it original? Could be a good start for patch collecting... Thanks 44
  8. I found this drawing for the tent/M1936 instructions. Note the tent poles are rolled in the tent. Not discounting the current discussion of them in the "secret" flap.. http://www.hardscrabblefarm.com/ww2/m1936_roll.htm 44
  9. same vendor..couple bucks USMC Dispatch bag - Does this strap configuration look original? Are the dividers inside cut by hand (they look trimmed with a scissors)?
  10. Flea market - couple bucks. Appears to be unissued - what is the correct date strap to add to this? Is it common to have no date? Is this a recognized manufacturer? TIA 44
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