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  1. I would like to know more about this one. It is a shield shaped wood base on which is a silver or sliver plated shield with crossed rifles at the top. The inscription reads "National Trophy/ Presented by the United States / to the organization of the /Organized Militia, State of / Wisconsin / attaining the greatest proficiency / in / Rifle Practice". Based on this text I would assume that one of these was given to a militia or national guard unit in every state. There is another one awarded to a Minnesota unit illustrated on the web site of a museum. this leaves me with a few question
  2. Thanks ! If I ever get to Hawaii that museum will be my number one stop.
  3. Royal Hawaiian Military Button Any Royal Hawaiian collectible artifact is scarce or rare. This military uniform button features the crowned monogram of King Kalakaua I who reigned from 1874-1891. He was the father of the modern Hawaiian army and the modern Hawaiian coinage of 1883. The button is gold colored brass, 27.27mm in diameter. After the fall of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893 this button was converted into a souvenir pin by filling in the hollow back with lead and mounting a hinged pin on the lead base. The pin originally had a rotating catch but as so often happens the rotatin
  4. New York Life WWI Service Medal This New York Life Insurance WWI Service Medal in 14k gold is unlisted anywhere as far as I know. The medal is 28 x 36 mm in size, weighs 16.38 grams and is looped as issued. The ribbon type is unknown to me. The obverse has two kneeling figures holding up an eagle topped world globe between the dates 1917 and 1918 above “PRESENTED TO JOSEPH M. CULLEN THE NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO.” The reverse has a triumphant Victory with a radiant “Army” and “Navy background between two laurel sprigs and above a formation of helmeted heads and a ribbon inscribed “
  5. My father in law was a Marine mortar man in WWII and Korea. The scan of lenses and things where in an eleven pouch cloth wrap with his name on it. Two of the lenses look like old eyeglass lenses but all the rest looks like it could be the optical items for sighting a mortar. Any one know for sure? Thanks
  6. Thank you Beast and Lettow ! I never realized that is what Course C was .
  7. Wisconsin National Guard Summer Camp Souvenir Watch Fob Pre WWI National Guard Summer Camp Souvenir fobs are not a rare. This one however is an exception. It is 35 mm by 41 mm in size and appears to be nickel or silver plated. The obverse is inscribed “MURRAY R. BENEDICT. NEILLSVILLE, WIS. CO. A 3” INF. WIS.N.G.” above the crossed rifles and flag, and below “COLLECTIVE FIRE 484”. On the reverse we find “W . N . G . Co A REG. 3” CAMP DOUGLAS, WIS JULY 17 ’23’ 09”. Based on the inscription it would seem that Mr. Benedict was rather proud of his marksmanship score “COLLECTIVE FIRE 4
  8. I have one like this from Charleston, Illinois with case like yours. Mine is antiqued gold plated silver gold plated silver.
  9. It is not listed in Till's book which only covers New York State National Guard awards. Therefore must assume that this is a local or unit award.
  10. I wonder if the book on New York medals by Paul Till would have the answers?
  11. Thanks m&t, nothing is missing or broken off though the cannon looks a bit off center. Fred
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