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  1. Time to go on the offensive. Does anyone know a Representative or Senator that would sponsor legislation in our favor such as a protecting American Military History Act?
  2. I agree with Josh and rustywings, nice period piece. Cant go wrong here. Hope you get it for a decent price. John
  3. NO, pin incorrect and it looks like a cheap cast. Hallmark is also wrong for BB&B.
  4. The hallmark is that of Whitehead and Hoag of Newark NJ. If you look in the circle you will see a W with an H in the middle.
  5. I was thinking pre-war based on the construction of the badge. The center support, which has been removed, was a feature linked to pre-war construction. US subs did operate in the area prior to hostilities so I would guess there might have been a liberty or two taken in the area. I can't say I have seen pictures of other Sheridan sub badges other than those shown in the "US Silent Service" book but the construction on this pair is completely different than those examples shown. The owner was a USNA grad and I have his last name. Hopefully I can find something to support my theory. John
  6. Just picked this badge up this week. I believe it is a pre WWII badge struck by Sheridan Engraving and Metal Stamping Co of Perth Australia. The badge is die struck and the center support has been removed. Unfortunately, the hallmark is faint but it is visible. It is hallmarked Sheridan 846 Hay St which was the address of the business which opened at that address in 1924.
  7. Lots of variations of Ship Building Badges. There are also variations within the badge. I have a few that have different features. The exhaust and cloud placement is evident in the three badges shown here. There are also different layouts on the bronze badges.
  8. You can find the thread under Badges and Awards > All Branches > Items not covered. Lots of good examples listed. You will find an example of your badge to compare it against. John
  9. I picked this up a while ago. It is a Minute Man Flag that was found at a Honeywell Executive estate. It may be from the Vietnam era or later as the design on the card that accompanied the flag appears to be newer. The flag is missing one gold star which I have but needs to be restored.
  10. Looks like an WW II Amico wing. Not uncommon to have the hallmark partially stamped.
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