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  1. Oh my God.... Beef Slices in BBQ Sauce and the Chicken Ala King were the WORST! My favorite was the Corned Beef Hash...when I was in Desert Storm I used to do whatever I could to get the Corned beef hash...my way of preparing it was to crunch up the crackers into it, add a little bit of water, pepper and tabasco sauce...heated up it made a pretty good meal...I also liked putting MRE peanut butter on the chocolate bar (John Wayne bars, yay!) Remember the dehydrated beef patty and pork patty?
  2. Oh, WHATEVER!!! I feel like bidding on this, just for the heck of it. What's he going to do, leave me negative feedback? Boo-hoo. Those shot glasses bear a strange resemblance to souvenier ones I saw when I was stationed in Germany in the 80's....
  3. That brings back memopries, I was at REFORGER in '88 too!
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