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  1. Hey Tom How are you doin, thanks for that answer, late war is not my forte, in you opinion,right or not right for 7th Armored earlt October 44'?
  2. Can anyone tell me what sort of date M43 trousers were issued to armored and infantry units?, not airborne, just standard M43trousers. Thanks Tim
  3. Hi Craig Thanks for posting those pics the first one i find interesting because it is an Indian and it has the frame for the full winter screen but no canvas skirt which i have't seen before . The third picture must be from a set of pics i think most people have seen the pic of the riders linned up with thompsons out no magazines in and the high lace boots in this pic you can clearly see the 13th cav crest painted on the tank, you can just make it out in your pic. The bikes are 1940/1941 wla's, notice the white handlbar grips and shiney headlight rim. Tim
  4. Hi Johan Ihave always been lead to believe that the 2nd Recon was re-numbered 82nd Recon in the October of 1941. In the book us armored markings 1918-1941 there are a couple of pictures with Indian Big Chief and the tank markings are large crossed cavalry sabres, the pic is taken around 1940, so the bike is gloss green. In 1940-mid 41' a few of the WLA'S seem to have the unit crest painted on the tank i have pics of the 1st and 13th cav,1st Armored Div you can see the crest on the third picture above. As they were deployed on the maneovers they seem to lack tank markings. If i knew how to po
  5. Hi Johan I have quite a few pics of 41wla's and the markings are all over the place. A few of them are clearly hand painted as apposed to stencilled. Most dont seem to have any stars on the tanks at all. They seem to have unit and company markings on the front fender, some have them on the rear fender under the number plate. A good reference book is "Roll Again 2nd Armored" i copied mine from a war bonds pic with the unit we portray link belo http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...bayphotohosting See you in Mons next week? Tim
  6. Hi Al Thanks for the reply, will contact you Thanks agin Tim
  7. Hi There Wanted Pre WW2 Tankers Helmet, the one wit the protective ring around the top, or any leade on one that might be for sale. Alternatively has anybody on here got access to one either in their collection or a friends that they can supply me with detailed close up phots of one. Thanks Tim
  8. The WW2 Impressions blue denims are superb, they have the correct buttons, the correct clinch back and the right cut. But they are out of stock other than large sizes. There are a few of us waiting for a new run, been told this summer.
  9. Hi Johan That pic is perfect, will try the jeep forum, just seeing if any european or us guys could help on here, not having any luck in uk. Thanks Tim
  10. Will try to get a good pic of one, in the militry vehicle ownership section there is a superb usn Harley it has the same rear light as i am after. Tim
  11. Hi there just wondering if anyone has a 1941 pattern back light as per fitted to ford gp, bantam brc etc. I only need 1. Thanks Tim
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