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  1. To set the record straight, this was the response to an email where he started out by wanting to bring a suit against the auction house. These medals were consigned by Jeff Floyd a well respected dealer/collector in the business. We understand that this is a hot button issue with the family but needless to say, our responsibilities are to the consignor not a family member of who we do not know. It is easy to cast dispersion's on us but realistically what would you do? Would you call Jeff a liar? I've known him for many years and I can tell you he is a man of the upmost highest character. Also, at no point was any representative disrespectful to the family, PERIOD! Thank you miles , my attorney will contact you tomorrow Sincerely Kelly Bird Sent from my iPhone On Jan 23, 2020, at 2:26 PM, Milestone Auctions <info@milestoneauctions.com> wrote:  Kelly, Please take a moment and look at this from our perspective. We have an obligation to our consignor of the medals. As you are very aware it is possible and very common that duplicates of medals were made. You are asking me basically to call my consignor a "liar" and that the medals are fake. You have offered no proof that is the case. They are not stolen as we are all aware. We gave all the information we could about the medals to the detectives you had meet us and they said we are doing nothing wrong. If you had some proof I could present to my consignor regarding the authenticity of the medals I would consider pulling the lot. But you don't. I have spoke with the consignor about the situation and he feels they are authentic. So you understand he is a very knowledgeable collector that been in the hobby over 40 years. We are just brokers putting buyers and sellers together. We do our best to make sure items are authentic. I'm sorry this situation is so upsetting. I'm sure your medals are a family heirloom and cherished by you all. But the facts are it looks at some point another set of medals were made and sold. Please look at the big picture and see this takes nothing away from your medals and the legacy of your family member. If anything be proud there is interest in his legacy by collectors. It shows his courage and sacrifice is being honored. If you have any other further questions please email or feel free to give me a call. Respectfully, Miles King President
  2. He is way to high though, I mean WAY to high
  3. I know it's a lot of money but you should at least see it before it sells. I picked it up at a local antique shop yesterday. You can see it on my site at veteransfootlocker.com under newly listed items veteransfootlocker
  4. 100% for sure? value? It certainly is English made
  5. Thanks in advance VeteransFootlocker
  6. Anybody know what unit this is? It's a piece of fabric for sure and came from a Air Corps guy how served in the South Pacific. Thanks in advance Jon
  7. For those of you who do not know yet Mark Bando's son was murdered by an Islamic terrorist in Orlando Florida. I wish to convey my deepest sympathies to him and his family in this dark hour. Just know this Mark, the whole community of militaria collectors are standing with you and share your sorrows.
  8. Any idea on what this helmet is? It came out of the woods so I'm sure it's right but what is the red band represent? Landing party?
  9. It's not misidentified, try reading it first. As for the jump wing it's a 100% original. You will find the placement of the hallmark on this forum
  10. There is no on-line bidding, just absentee and whoever is at the sell
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