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TSgt Mackey

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    Collecting USAF
  1. This is not exactly true . In the state of Washington all pawn shops and gun shops are linked with the Law Enforcement and they can tell in an instant that something has been reported stolen.
  2. I have a nice collection of Air Force uniforms as well At http://www.tsgtmackey.com
  3. I tried to add a display of my dads shadoq box it didn't go though
  4. My Dad was in the 78th infantry Love Company 310th. He was a combat medic.
  5. Here is my Air Police, Security Police , Security Forces collection from 1947 Arm Bands to current http://www.tsgtmackey.com/
  6. Ya I have already got it booked marked, thanks for the post. It looks like the real deal also, I have seen several of these and some pictures of Airman wearing them. I will probaly bid on it if doesn't get way to out of hand.
  7. MP helmets were heated up and a can of high gloss black paint was poured over the helmet an then when the paint cured the decals were afixed onto the helmet or painted on. This information was given to me by an old vietnam MP
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