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  1. I paid him 120USD for items, he replied he has allready sent them. He sold them to another buyer and did not refund any money and stopped communication. He is an sweetheart.

  2. I really do believe that if someone to were take the time to produce a fake, they would have done a better job. The blue band around the shell isn't exactly perfect. Also, considering the source of this helmet and what was paid for it...it just doesn't add up. BUT...who knows...? If both the shell and liner were indeed painted by the same person, he obviously didn't have access to a stencil like he might have when the liner was painted... I can tell that the paint on the shell has been there for a while. It is definately aged and is worn in places and the wear does not look artificial.
  3. Just got this one home today. Not exactly sure of what it is yet but the price was right so I grabbed it. The owners first initial and last four of his serial number are placed on the inside of the shell in a couple places so it could be a good research project. The net is a handmade type, liner is an earlier type Westinghouse with unpainted washers. Pictures tell the rest...
  4. Really...? That worries me! I don't think I've ever seen a post war air force helmet with a blue band around it... Have you got a picture you could post? Well, the net really has me feeling it's a WWII period lid. I should have it in hand by tomorrow and will post some pics then.
  5. Yeah, I know there really is no way to tell how much this one could be worth without pictures. I really just wanted to see if anyone knew what similar helmets have sold for in the past. I think I will get this one. The price is right I would say for any nice fixed bail helmet. I'll post some pics when I have it in hand.
  6. I was wondering if some people here can help me out with a fixed bail D-Day USN helmet a dealer I know has for sale. This particular helmet came from a picker who picked it up along with some other junk for $35.00 somewhere locally and sold it to a dealer friend of mine. Sorry, no pics right now but I will describe it…The helmet is named on the outside (last name painted just above captains bars in front). It is also named on the inside of the helmet and on early type liner. It has a handmade net over the shell. The shell has what looks to be a period re-paint job (almost exact sam
  7. I agree, sites like Gunbroker that have the 15 minute rule are great for both buyer and seller. Ebay doesn't so I am a big time sniperthere, I admit. It would be nice if everyone would just enter thier highest or best bid and walk away but that doesn't happen and without a 5, 10 or 15 minute rule on ebay, sniping auctions is the only way to win an item at a decent price anymore it seems.
  8. Wow - Very Nice :w00t: Thanks for posting that one
  9. I picked this one up from a flea market today. This would be my first theater made knife (i like to think it is anyway) - It looked like a typical plexi glass handle theatre made knife anyway. I suppose there is no way of knowing for sure if it is indeed theater made, which is why I don't usually buy these, but I was able to talk the seller down to $15 - I figured it was worth at least that. Blade has a nice shape to it. No markings. Very tight. If you have any opinions, please share.
  10. Yeah, his collection is amazing! he deals in militaria and has a large store here locally. He has built himself quite a nice patch collection by keeping all the rare variations & hard to find patches that come through the doors for himself and selling the common patches & whitebacks in his store to customers. He never thought he would do it but he is now selling his complete personal patch collection which include pretty much everything (Armys, Divisions, USMC, AAF, FSSF, etc).
  11. A friend of mine is in process of liquidating his VERY LARGE SSI collection to pay for some medical bills. I was lucky enough to be able to buy most of the "Ghost" Division patches I needed and a few others from him recently so now I can take out all of the reproductions I've had in there as space fillers. Now I only have a few more WWI Div. patches and a two more Ghost divisions before my Infantry Division Collection is complete...or somewhat - without getting into variations :w00t: Here's what I have picked up during the past couple weeks...
  12. Must be - I've seen many 45th patches, never a full embroidery swastika type... I suppose mine is an error patch then - I found this picture posted by Bill K - shows a reversed emblem at the lower left...
  13. Can anyone here tell me why the swastika on this patch is reversed....? I think I have seen a couple others like this - not sure. Was there a reason for this, copy, or just a mistake by the person sewing these patches together? Thanks!
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