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  1. I will be running around Alabama in August. Just wondering if there are any old fashioned weekly flea markets or other good places to hit while I'm there? Thanks for any tips!
  2. Wow. Thanks SO much! Wonderful information.
  3. I just found these today. I believe they are French, and probably WWII. The diamond patch has snaps attached on the reverse. Can anyone help me with a positive ID on these? Branch, age, and rank? Thanks so much!
  4. My mom was a SPAR during WWII. She was a radio operator at Cherry Point. I have a special place in my heart for SPAR items.
  5. That's all I can make out too. OHI...? I wondered if it could be Ohio, but not seeing another "O". I know I have seen this before, Dave. But cannot remember where.
  6. The 1042nd MI Company (Oregon N.G.) wore this patch. There are numerous variations. Some numbered, some not.
  7. I just acquired this with a small lot of WWII US and German insignia. It looks familiar and I thought it may be an Infantry regiment, but no luck in my books. It may not be military at all. It is a smaller very nicely embroidered patch. And definitely 1930s-40s vintage. It has a name that I cannot quite make out and "AWARD CO" printed across the back. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Is anyone aware of any good antique/collectible flea markets in Alabama? I'll be there in August, and looking for old fashioned swap meets to check out...if they are operating by then! Thanks
  9. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what outfit this DUI is from. Can anyone help me? Also, the maker's mark is not something I have seen before. Anything about that, or country of manufacture based on the pin style, would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Welcome from a native upstater. It's fabulous to get younger folks into this rewarding and important hobby. I am a 78th Division focused collector (50 years), so you are right in the heart of 78th country and I am jealous!! Welcome. These folks are a wealth of expertise and wisdom. You will be glad you found this site.
  11. Welcome Kyle. I grew up about 12 miles from the Penn. border, in upstate NY. I miss that area. You will find these folks to be a remarkable resource.
  12. They certainly do. Thanks for posting this. That Ordnance tab is a not something I have seen before. Do you recall what reference that appears in? Thanks
  13. I just received the tab and thought a couple shots might be helpful, both in terms of showing the scale, and also a better shot of the colors. I placed it above a typical Occupation era bullion example and you can see the size is significantly smaller than most British shoulder title arcs. The background is black as opposed to a dark green, etc. One more thought as an aside, it is interesting that the colors are not unlike those found on some other Occupation period patches. This SHAEF has an integral tab featuring yellow "Berlin" on a black field. Maybe that played a part in the color combination as well?
  14. This one came up in conversation with a member and I don't believe I posted it. I have seen quite a few infantry regiment variations (309th, 310th, 311th, Timberwolves, etc.). But, prior to finding this one, I had never seen a 303rd Engineers example before. Just thought others might enjoy seeing it.
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