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  1. Greetings While this is not in my focus area, I did not like the folks who were eye-balling it at the estate sale, so I snagged it up! It is a wonderful group. The veteran was Robert. S. Rodgers IV. - SN# 15359663. The large frame is professionally done, so you can't open it without cutting the backing. But I was able to carefully rotate the frame and was pleased to discover that, at least, the Purple Heart and Bronze Star are named. So too is the Good Conduct that is in the box with a second (unnamed) Purple Heart. I am not sure if the framed GC is named. Also in the frame is a piece of
  2. Thanks. Not particularly. I found a rate a couple days ago with an unfamiliar maker mark that I cannot quite make out. So I was going to look for something similar. But, beyond that, I wanted to sort of refresh my memory on familiar maker marks in general. I'll check the ranks section. Thanks again.
  3. I have had difficulty finding prior posts discussing maker's marks (executed in thread) on Navy rates. I am pretty sure I have seen posts about this in the past, but I am not having any luck finding them. Can someone guide me to any relevant discussions? Thanks a bunch!
  4. Just acquired these. I am not an expert in Vietnam era patches, but they looked great to me. The first is a 57th Aviation Company Caribou patch. The other is unknown to me. I am guessing Vietnam, but am not sure. The red portion resembles a horseshoe, so I am guessing Cavalry. I would greatly appreciate expert opinions on authenticity and an ID on the "FIRST" patch. Thanks a bunch.
  5. Mystery to me, but I love the design. Neat patch.
  6. Thanks so much John. Out of curiosity, is there a known number of PHs awarded in the Spanish American War?
  7. Just acquired a nice group today. I would be sincerely grateful for any info on this man. I have a little info. These came directly from Conover's great grandson. It appears he served in the Spanish American War and WWI. The lot includes: 1) Purple Heart numbered and named in its box. 2) Cuban Occupation medal numbered and in box with matching number with lapel pin and ribbon. 3) Philippine Campaign medal numbered in box with matching number and lapel pin and ribbon 4) Spanish Campaign medal numbered and in box with matching number with lapel pin and ribbon 5) Oneida County (NY) Spanish Americ
  8. Greetings. I just found this Mexican Service medal with "No. 5021" and I believe these fall in the number ranges that can be traced. Just wondering if anyone could provide me any info on the recipient? Thanks so much in advance!
  9. I will be running around Alabama in August. Just wondering if there are any old fashioned weekly flea markets or other good places to hit while I'm there? Thanks for any tips!
  10. Wow. Thanks SO much! Wonderful information.
  11. I just found these today. I believe they are French, and probably WWII. The diamond patch has snaps attached on the reverse. Can anyone help me with a positive ID on these? Branch, age, and rank? Thanks so much!
  12. My mom was a SPAR during WWII. She was a radio operator at Cherry Point. I have a special place in my heart for SPAR items.
  13. That's all I can make out too. OHI...? I wondered if it could be Ohio, but not seeing another "O". I know I have seen this before, Dave. But cannot remember where.
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