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  1. I remember that same pose in the cupola of my M60A3!
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Do you think it's possible that it was a Brig. Gen. that worked under the Secretary of War?
  3. No idea about this one. The material could be from Civil War to Vietnam. Size is 8' X 12' Please help! Thanks!
  4. The M116 series is a 3/4 ton chassis only, (frame, axle and wheels). This is an earlier version as the M116A2 has the GM style 8 lug bolt pattern wheels to be used with the CUCV series and the M116A3 is a 1 ton Chassis meant for the HUMMVEE series. This was originally a generator or welding setup most likely. The lights where replaced by composites somewhere down the road and it's missing the rear landing leg. Also the one in the pic was repainted for use in the desert. Is the one you're talking about the same as in the pic because that one that you show is at the DRMO and it has the bows.
  5. I'm not sure the pockets are big enough. One pocket size is H = 6" W = 4.5" D = 2.5" approx.
  6. Sorry guys....been off the grid for a while. Big Al, I respectfully disagree with your statement. Here is a pic of a M3 grease gun mag pouch made out of nylon but has the lift-the-dot snap that I own. Thanks!
  7. That is awesome!..... and at $65.00 invested! My friend, you found a deal. If you want to sell the extra straps, let me know. Mine is missing a few! Great find!
  8. This brings back a lot of memories. When I joined in 1980 as an Armor crewman, I was at Knox taking basic and AIT and we were training on M60A1's. One day an instructor asked for 4 volunteers and since no one told me "never volunteer" I eagerly raised my hand! The 4 of us was trucked off to work with an experimental vehicle for a day to see how new recruits would react to a new piece of equipment. It was the XM1. It was the highlight of my 20 years! I still have the (draft) original manual.
  9. Unable to figure out what this was used for. My only guess is it was developed for an experimental weapon to carry mags????? Help!
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