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  1. Hi everyone Regarding the numbering system it went like this.... 5 digit Item Number until mid 1944. June 1944 changed to 7 digit Item Number and around the same time changed to 7 digit Stock Number. Navy had own number system. 1945 US Army and Navy joined together and created new number sequence. First example is in 1947 with new manufactured 12 unit first aid kits...Not to be confused with wartime rebuilds for the Korean war with post war numbers and markings. The Davis box show with the overprint of field brown in red print was done after mid 1943. After that time all new contract
  2. Hi guys Sorry been away for a few years...had a battle with cancer and won even completed a B.A of Graphic Design at the same time! Anyhow Davis and Mine Safety are World War 2 items for military contracts. Yes they were used in civilian first aid as well. So there is no confusion the Tin is civilian, the contents are both civilian and military. For my Honours (Honors in US spelling) research project I am working on the 12 unit first aid kits. This need to be finished by September...so keep an eye out.
  3. I have been watching their ebay sales for a while and yes there were some good items we need to look at this from a different perspective. She could be the wife or girlfriend of a collector and they either need the money to live or she wants a bigger house! She is smiling because his old war rubbish is getting out of the house? Just my thoughts....but what would I know after 3 wives and loss of all my collections due to them. Leo
  4. Great photos Now I have to watch Kellys Heros again! Leo
  5. Try typing MM2 and the coins should fall out? Leo
  6. I have repaired and rebuilt a few cartridge belts but there comes a point when its cheaper to just buy another. Both could be repaired/ rebuilt but you would need matching materials and parts from another donor. Then the cost of postage to and from my location (Australia) The end result would be ok for display but nothing else. Leo
  7. I see the joke...if the doctor doesnt kill you the rockets will :w00t: Leo
  8. When an American seller will not ship to Australia (a first world nation with great beer) and I remind them that we have been fighting side by side for over 100 years as allies! And end it with God Bless America! By the way I ship worldwide... Leo
  9. Keep up the good work. I am doing a Ba. in Graphic Design for the next 3 years and part of the course is art. Looking at your work you have got what it takes so keep it up (the painting) Some of the so called famous artists that I meet (in Australia) as part of the art forums we have at uni are rubbish compaired to you. Look forward to seeing more of your work and your developing style. Leo
  10. I first saw the headlines on Australian ABC news website and though better check here and get a better perspective. My thoughts and prayers go to those killed and injured. To their familys. And the loss of another fine machine. Ok so now I know what P-51's look like when they crash. Leo
  11. Fantastic photos. Makes me want to build the model kits.... Leo
  12. Gooday Members Well my reproduction ww2 US tankers helmet arrived today from What Price Glory. The helmet is good but there is a problem. No I am not having a go at Jerry I like his work and order from him all the time. The 4 rivets that hold the back flap on my helmet were put on poorly and fell off. So I replaced them with the following. "Bifurcated Rivets" with a head dia. of 9.8mm (ROMAK 627220) and "Machine Washer" 5/32inch. (ZENITH). You will need a hammer and large screwdriver to do the job which will take 30 minutes. All thats left to do is paint them black. I know that bifur
  13. A fantastic job done on your jeep. I thank God you are not putting on 82nd or 101 Airborne markings... :thumbdown: Have you got the correct 12 unit first aid kit in there? If you are looking for information on correct markings and content just send me a photo of the kit. Yes I am writting a book on the subject. Leo
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