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  1. nice patch, only the second one I have ever seen, and yours seemed to have been sewn on at one time. here is one I picked up a few years back, the previous owner had tried to identify it for years and never could.
  2. There is an Obit for James Hargis, born in 1942 and was attached to Beachmaster unit 2 the obit if from Tuckerton NJ just outside Atlantic City I cannot get to the obit though
  3. Mort from everything I can find tells me it was a 1950's patch. your Gemsco card confirms this as that card dates to pre 1962 I guess there is no date on your news paper clipping
  4. https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/162896-boat-unit-one/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-2466479 LAST FEW POSTS ON PAGE 2
  5. The CMTC Citizens Military Training Camps were around from the 1920's to just before WW2. Everything I can find points to them being Army and Male only. Here is a Naval themed "Wavettes" patch. I cannot find anything on the Wavettes and CMTC. Any information would be appreciated.
  6. I am bringing this one back up from the dead, I cannot find any info on the Navy being involved in the CMTC, to make it even more difficult here is a Navy themed CMTC patch with Wavettes, now there is a Navy and a female connection. (everything I can find on the CMTC is male only) Any help with information would be appreciated.
  7. This is another USS Manley, different color scheme that the one posted earlier nice patch about 6 inches high and 5 inches across
  8. Here is a nice bullion embellished VF 112 in existence from 1948 to 1959, when it was redesignated as VA 112 a nice patch about 5 inches around
  9. VF 882 Olathe Kansas reserve fighter squadron nice large patch about 7 inches high the squadron flew F4-D's during the time of this patch Enjoy
  10. I would say it is a P3 upgrade reference.
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