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  1. Here are a pair of LGB marked, Sterling, look like collar size to me. Yours look very rounded unlike the these, perhaps Police?
  2. Mr Doe, that site has a description of every rate, and the rating badge which was associated with that rate. Folow the links for each group of ratings. That is what you asked for isn't it?
  3. VR 24 Det Naples Responsible for transporting Naval Personnel in Europe and North Africa
  4. Special Services Long Beach Naval Station , these were the people who brought you sports equipment, skating rinks, Base pools and most importantly the Base clubs!
  5. I tried to PM you but it says you cannot receive messages
  6. I posted this one in the "Can you ID" section it was identified and I thought it should be posted here also. A very interesting history for a VN era Insignia From Wikipedia: The 1198th Operational Evaluation and Training Squadron was a unit at Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, California from 1965 to 1972 which conducted the initial testing of Lockheed C-130 Hercules transports modified for special operations. This went on under the project names of Thin Slice and Heavy Chain which led to the MC-130 Combat Talons, still a key component of Air Force Special Operations Command.[1] It
  7. Thanks there is also a couple of Armored type units with the same colors doesn't make a internet search easy.
  8. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  9. The two patch with RAD and FAD the AD stands for Air Depot, the first letter would be for the city in which the Air Depot is located. Rockwell and Fairfield found them both I believe there is a thread on the last one in the forum I can't recall the thread topic title though.
  10. Actually the id above the patch on that sire is the correct ID 1198th Operation, Evaluation and Training Squadron pretty cool squadron
  11. Thanks for the quick response.thanks for fixing the topic
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