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  1. It is glued. I got the best picture I could the bottom section of the backing was a little loose. It looks like a layered construction.
  2. I will have to look to see how the back is attached to the front, the material is a dark blue twill not denim. different that the auction picture made it look.
  3. I recently picked up this VA 152 patch looks theatre made to me. From their time in VN training ARVN pilots in BienHoa. Comments welcome.
  4. The bluejacket site shows this for VFT 24. Obviously this patch is modern. Yours would fit with the style of this one though
  5. The last view is of the suspension ring top view
  6. Finally received the medal. Shots of the edge
  7. (navy.mil)https://awards.navy.mil/awards/webdoc01.nsf/(vwDocsByID)/DL100707083232/$file/Campaign Unit Award Codes.pdf This is the "secret decoder ring" for all of the appreciations and notes
  8. https://awards.navy.mil/awards/webbas01.nsf/(vwWebPage)/home.htm?OpenDocument This link will allow to search awards by unit name, ship commands etc I used to have a PDF with all the awards by command but I cant locate it right now Warning the site may come up as not secure but I have never had an issue with it, it is a US Navy official site
  9. Still waiting, apparently it was moving from PO to PO in Colorado, I have 5 items in the USPS system right now that have not shown movement since the 8th.
  10. Thanks, I knew I had seen it before.. I appreciate the help
  11. The one with the Pi symbol and red arrow. I know I have seen it before. Searched and searched. Can’t find it’s I’d.
  12. I also noticed the "3" in 1937 is noticeably different on the top left medal, and somewhat different on the bottom left medal then on the two medals on the right side
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