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  1. no i dont mind You asking. it was $175 and i got it for $150. And i just picked up an m1917a1 so ill have to get the belt and show the display! i checked my bayonet and it only has one flaming bomb
  2. thanks for all the posts guys! And yes i love going to shops like that with my grandpa. I will have to check my bayonet when i get home for more flaming bombs.
  3. i got this bayonet today at a gun shop that me and my grandpa sometimes go to. It was a really good price so i figured i should buy because i didnt think i would find another one in this condition for a good price. Its a 16 inch Oneida with an Mk2 scabbard. Feel free to make any comments.
  4. No it's petrolatum. It's and ointment that helps get rid of things like rashes
  5. thanks for all your posts. im glad you like my collection as much as i do
  6. thanks for all the posts. was the ACU a privately purchased item?
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