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    I'm a war history nerd.
  1. Sgt. Charles I Mickle Jr. #11114623 Enlisted Air Corps October 28,1942 Boston, Massachusetts AAF Engineering Specialist If there aren't any overseas bars its likely he served stateside. I like the stitching.
  2. He was a staff Sgt when he enlisted on October 5, 1945.
  3. Edward H Keck Enlisted July 25, 1931 Released August 11, 1934 Enlisted October 5, 1934 Released January 31, 1962
  4. Great uniform! Yes as it has been stated, common to find these where they only wear the AAF patch. I personally love to find these. When I research the name and find where he was stationed after his training is exciting and addicting to me. Great stuff!
  5. Really cool bullion patched uniform and love the winged boot. I loved this when I first seen it on my phone. Beautiful.
  6. Army Good Conduct Ribbon, American Campaign Ribbon, EAMC Ribbon, WW2 Victory Ribbon, Army Occupation Ribbon National Defense Service Ribbon, Korean Service Ribbon, UN Service Ribbon Presidential Unit Citation, Republic of Korean Presidential Unit Citation (these should be pin back) I didn't see when he enlisted, but he may have been eligible for the American Defense Ribbon.
  7. WW2 he was with the 397th IR, 100th ID. Here is their lineage. http://www.100thww2.org/linhon/397th.html http://www.100thww2.org/occupation/occ1.html
  8. First thing I would do is bring it to a dry cleaner and have it lightly cleaned and pressed. Its a non invasive process and it will provide for a much better looking starting point. Do this before you start your restoration. From what I see you'll need; 1. Ruptured Duck (stitching can be see) Others can chime in, but he may have taken it off when he enlisted again for Korea. 2. Use only Korean War era Sgt. 1st Class Chevrons. 3. If he was still in 100th ID in Korea, I would use WWII era 100th ID patches for that, as he would have left those on. 4. He would have wore his WWII ribbons
  9. I found 29 possible matches for your Medic.
  10. I currently occupy a 12 x 12 room in the basement..... I need more room. Which is why in May 2017 I'll be moving the collection. I'm building a new garage in may and it will have a space just for me. The garage will have a heated loft above the garage that measures 10' x 36'! I cant argue with that.
  11. I made a couple of stands after your design and they are great! I'll be elaborating on it a bit to accommodate a display for 20 or so jumpers.
  12. His 1941 -1945 AAF service isn't on the transcript in detail, but I have most of that from other documents (Veteran Burial Card and Veteran Compensation form). Enlisted on July 1, 1941 attended Flight and Bombardier Training He was assigned to the 2nd AAF, 243rd AAF Base Unit (Training Unit), 17th Bomber Operational Training Wing (BOTW) B-29 Super-fortresses Great Bend Army Air Field, Kansas March 2, 1945 - June 27, 1945 his unit went to Vernam Field, Jamaica Discharged on December 22, 1945
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