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  1. Thanks for all the help, very helpful group here! Terry, the M1902 has the eagle buttons and the other two I'm assuming have the state coat of arms buttons. (looks like a shield with a bunch of curly Qs.) I'm most likely going to sell them if anyone is interested. Mike
  2. I recently picked these up from an estate and have been having a hard time identifying them. Span AM?? or Indian Wars? Any idea on values? Many Thanks! Mike
  3. I'm not sure what this pin/badge is. it looks like a Span Am piece. Thanks for your help! Mike
  4. I need to quit helmet collecting so I can find a stash like this.
  5. What's harder to find, the recordings or a record player?
  6. Try it out from 10,000 ft, see if it works!!!
  7. I can't wait!!! counting the days
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