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  1. Thank you guys for a good discussion Its been a help. Let me ask you guys this- Lets say we have a camo helmet thats original and dad passed away 15 yrs ago and the kids or grandkids threw it in the garage. It hasnt been stored that well and is rusting and someone looks at it and its automatically dismissed because the rust isnt dark enough. While rust is certainly an indicator I think we need to be careful because a lot of rust has started in the not too distant past due to various reasons, and the same can be said with scratches also. How many guys see people set up at a show and pull a box
  2. Could it have been US surplus used by another country and brought back here as a war trophy ? Thanks for the help Mike
  3. Ok thank you for your help. mike
  4. I have another one I picked up that was dismissed out of hand as a kids paint job and no way it could be VN because the liner is dated 74. What do you guys think? thanks mike
  5. I thought you had an interesting point about a kid doing it. We always talk about kids painting helmets but does anyone know how far back they started doing it? Did they start right after say WW2 ? or possibly this is one from the 50s? Maybe the kid just painted over a good camo? Have you ever seen pics from say 50s-60s with kids doing that? It would be interesting to see. Does anyone here remember as a kid doing it? Mike
  6. I see what you mean on the left hand star. But the green was over the brown meaning it should be wet too and it didnt bleed thru the stars and also light blue doesnt cover well could it be it just didnt cover well? Just speculating and not trying to read more into this, You didnt get your fine collection without knowing your stuff so I really appreciate your help Thanks Mike
  7. I got a box of stuff and this was in it. The glider wing is British made and there was a group of items to the man, he was a mechanic in a P47 group 9th AF. A couple of odds and ends German items too. His group didnt have a patch like this (The Thunder Bums) and how the wings got added I dont know. Thanks Mike
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