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  1. Thanks! Half the fun is finding and buying this stuff and the other half is researching the buys
  2. I recently found these two patches sandwiched in-between the pages of a 1941 dated Army/Navy prayer book.
  3. Thanks Guys, It looked almost too nice, I was worried it was a repo at first.
  4. Picked up my first CAMILLUS MARK 2 USN the other night at a local auction. It looks to me as it was never sharpened or used, as there are just a few scuffs on the blade from the scabbard. I had no intentions of buying one so not sure if I overspent. Ended up costing me $85. Was that a OK price? Thanks
  5. I sold a plastic stocked (Croswood?) one with out a mag for a little over $100 this spring on gunbroker. I bet yours would go for $250 + or -....most likely more because you still have the sticker on the mag
  6. SPR Old James Ryan: Tell me I have led a good life. Ryan's Wife: What? Old James Ryan: Tell me I'm a good man. Ryan's Wife: You *are*.
  7. From a estate sale of the soldiers mother, as best as I can tell. No metals or ribbons were at the sale. All dated late 60's Everything is like new including the tag on cap.
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