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    Powder Horn maker and 18th Century reinactment, French and Indian War and Rev War.
  1. The ribbed patches date to WWII. There is a thread on the ribbed patches.
  2. Sorry to be late to the party. That is one beautiful horn. I am a hornsmith. As a hobby, I make the powder horns, Mugs, cups, candle boxes. The old ones are truley works of art. The "Line Engraving" is very nice. Powder horns were a very personal item, most were ingraved by the owner, and sometimes used to ID the body after a battle.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I kept thinking that was the case. I was told or read it somewhere.
  4. Does the length of the pins mean anything? Short pins = WWII, Long pins= post war.
  5. Would like to know who this belongs to. Blindfolded mule with a "K" on its butt.
  6. I may have found him. I sent him a message on Facebook.
  7. Never mind Bill. Just seen that it's for the kids.
  8. Picked this up today. Searching for the guy, but coming up with nothing. If the guy is still living, I would like to try and return it to him. Has a real nice 1-224th patch on it.
  9. Is this the correct ID for this DI ? Boy's High School Atlanta, GA The DI has the look and feel of a WWII DI. textured pattern under the enamel and the pin back. ROBBINS CO. ATTLEBORO. Sorry for the bad pictures. Best I can get with this old camera.
  10. Here are 2 that are ribbed stitched. But I don't think they are Gemsco.
  11. I know I have one. But will look closer when I get home. I never would have guessed they made so many different ones.
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