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  1. Just picked this up this morning. Best guess it is Span-Am era. Any ideas on value? It doesn't fit my collection, bought it with a bunch of other items. I believe this is the unit: https://www.spanamwar.com/5thpa.htm It is 2 1/2" wide, so I presume for a cover (hat).
  2. I wanted to add the WWII DR-4 Wire Reel to this thread that I just restored. When I found it in Bastogne about 20 years ago it was rusty and pitted. I have sandblasted it to bare metal, filled in the pitting, repainted, stenciled (I make these btw) and restored it to look like a freshly factory produced reel ready for shipment.
  3. Perfect! I agree Korean Conflict era, the contents match identically. Well, since this does not fit in my collecting era - up for sale they will go. What would be an estimated value on the lot?
  4. Final photo: Cigarettes are missing from the package.
  5. I've had this Ration Accessory Pack for a long time. Hand written on the top is From World War II Navy. It is different from the later Vietnam era packets. Is it in fact WWII? If so, or not, when was it produced?
  6. Since there was a concern the drawing revision date that I posted, here is a zoom-in of the drawing info, with the last revision date of August 15th 1945.
  7. Drawing dated January 13th 1945, showing: Washer, Fiber, Vulcanized; Part Number 73-0-6A, Spec Number ASX-643 (use two washers or one 1/16 inch thick)
  8. Most are familiar with the WWII MkII series hand grenade with the M200 and M10 series fuzes that bend over the top of the fuze, but here is a drawing dated March 29th 1944 (with revisions noted in 1947, 1948 and 1950) that shows the newer modern spoon being developed, that bends under the fuze. Most believe this was a post-WWII design.
  9. I'm happy I was able to find that photo at the National Archives. Just wish I had gotten the correct credit for the photo (QuestMaster not quartermaster)
  10. I am looking for some assistance on the ID of this WWII Parachute Harness. It is a Quick Attach Chute style, marked Pioneer Parachute Co. Inc. 1944 on the butt webbing. Is this a Navy QAC harness? It does not match the A-3 or A-4 style AAF harness. Thank you for your assistance.
  11. The black on the GP bag is almost like tar or British "Blanco", and the drips are very hard. Each of the "blobs" is roughly the same size, which makes me think it was applied with a brush, like "dabbing". As for the USMC Pacific grouping, yes I bought it and can be seen here: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/329279-usmc-wwii-pacific-grouping-iwo-jima-amtrac-crewmember/&do=findComment&comment=2646451
  12. It all came together from a local picker that does antique hunting. It came with very little provenance, I pieced the history together on Ancestry from USMC Muster Rolls. Each piece of gear and clothing has his name stamped on it.
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