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  1. Has anyone ever seen an Officers Side Cap for the CCC? I may be crazy but I think I found one today. It is cur similar to a WW1 / 1920s Officers Garrison Cap, with the black and gold piping, but in a dark forest green wool. The sweat band is marked "Cravenette Processed; sheds showers", putting the date into the 1930s - 1940s. Before I take pictures, I was hoping someone had one to compare it to. Timo
  2. I agree with Nkomo, that is an amzing piece of history.
  3. Any idea what one of these Coxswain's patches in gold thread would be? Thanks
  4. Glad to get a response on this, I was amazed when I found these books. The thing that really got to me was LT Stokes made it home and lived out his life until 1998. I was a little sad that the family did not appreciate that these books were so significant to him that he had held on to them. I am now starting to wonder if the WW2 101st Patch and sterling CIB I found on a previous trip to the shop were also his, sadly I missed a par of straight pin jump wings in this shop recently. Any help would be appreciated. All The Way!
  5. Well you never know what you will find in antique store book stacks. I had just about given up finding anything in the shop when I noticed a book rack with some older title and SURPRISE a 1942 copy of the Officer's Guide. I had lost mine a while back and so I grabbed it quick; inside it was named to GEORGE ALVIN STOKES, LT US Infantry, Camp Walters, TX. Neat! Always interesting to have a named one. As I was about to trot up to pay for my find I see a book I had not seen before ESSENTIALS OF INFANTRY TRAINING (1941), sure enough I look inside the cover and it is inscribed George Alvin Stoke
  6. Gil I started that thread years ago now. I think this is another great one! T-Bone
  7. Daniel That is a watch strap with cover, very popular for a while. Yous is fancier than mine from back then. A few years later I got one in Israel with a hole you push your watch through and the whole thing covers the watch, strap and all. It also has a cove for the face of the watch. Very tactical, before anyone knew what that meant. T
  8. Lee, Do you remember Nam Type Jungle Boots in DS? I know the ADA guys in Israel had them with their Woodland BDUs. I was wondering how wide spread this was. Had an SF vet tell how they sealed the vents with rubber cement to keep out sand. Timo
  9. I had not considered an Aero Squadron, but I can't find anything else. So????? Thanks
  10. Just picked up a WW I collar disc, US over 259. I thought; great! I should be able to find this, no problemo! Well, I am rather late returning to the field of US WW One insignia, and admit to still be learning. So far I have not been able to find a 259th anything during the Great War. What am I doing wrong? Timo
  11. I am guessing WW2? PM me, I may have coat and pants in that size. Timo
  12. Very cool indeed! I never knew the OD Jungles were used in Grenada? Just remember the pics of everybody in BDUs, Original heavy weight BDUs. Timo
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