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    Served in Bravo Co. 1/504 PIR 82nd Airborne (Ranger Tabbed) (1994-1998)
  1. Need better pics, but from what I can tell...it looks good. And for $250.00, it was a risk very worthy of taking. Wade
  2. Nice grab troy...well worth 80 bucks! Brian, as a fellow Iowan, I would love to see your collection, any plans on posting some examples? Wade
  3. Don't show my stuff much anymore, but this is one of my favorite helmets. NCO painted 28th. If you look closely, you can tell that everything was over painted on larger keystones and NCO bar. I love these double painted helmets! Wade
  4. 100% Legit! If it had straps, I would be begging to buy it. Still might...lol Wade
  5. Hey guys, I know absolutely nothing about DUI's or how to do much research on them. I picked this medic helmet up, and thought it was an engineer unit. I know think it might be a medical unit after all. Can anyone help with ID'ing this? Wade
  6. Thanks guys, for the opinions. Been doing this long enough and have had enough painted helmets in my hands to be 95% percent sure this is not a fake, and the pictures are from a cell, so not the best, but not model paint, that is for sure . But, thinking it might be engineer could very well be throwing me off. Will do some medical DUI research. I appropriate the input. Wade
  7. Can anyone help me Id this insignia? Thanks in advance.. Wade
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