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  1. I framed my wifes Gpas and my Gpas documents, except I used museum glass and acid free archive paper on the back. I also just to be safe dont keep them in the light, though the museum glass protects against that kind of damage..but I'm the paraniod type
  2. If you have a good photo(s) to go by and can find period matching items, I say go for it. But if youre not sure or guessing...then leave it be Just my humble opinion.
  3. From the color and the cut of the pocket flaps, that looks like a Canadian battledress(?) Does it have plastic or painted steel buttons?
  4. I have seen that a couple of times myslef, the most extreme was at time of seperation he was a PFC, but highest rank Held was T/Sgt. Yet again the discharge was honorable and had a good conduct medal. The gent was a tank mechanic, and from what I was told wound up in charge of a maintenence platoon once he went overseas, but when he got back reverted back to PFC and was discharged.
  5. I have a couple of quick questions regarding the classic "Technician" grades of WW2: #1 Did they (T/5, T/4 and T/3) have command status? I have been told while they were considered NCO's they didn't have command authority. #2 Did the rank of Technical Sergeant (Grade 2) have any relation to the above? or was it its own distinct grade? Dan
  6. My dad had six years in. 1963-69. He told me flat out that he "never added anything more to his uniform than he had to" I have his jacket and there are no overseas bars or service stripes, though we would have been entitled to both. He liked the Army but never cared much for flash or extras on his uniform or gear. Could be a million reasons why your coat lacks the service stripes.
  7. Ok guys, so I have all the parts together....except the green combat leaders tabs and a pair of cut edge E-5 chevrons. I can find piles of E-4 and E-6 but no three stripers...can anyone help? PM me if you have any spares I can buy off you. Once I get these I can get all the uniform set up. My goal is to have the jacket set up as you see in the pics of Elvis at the end of his service.
  8. Could be, looks like cyote to me. When I was a kid on the farm in NE Colorado, I remember either the State or Federal Govt offering good money for cyote pelts, (again different time, this was the mid 1970s) and my granda used to clean up some serious $ on those, I always wondered what happened to the pelts, maybe the gov't bought them for just this kind of thing.
  9. I'm pretty sure the fur on this one is cyote, growing up on the farm I have seen plenty of those critters running about in thier alive form. Yeah I walked into the store, looked around, saw nothing then on the way out from accross the floor the "militaria radar" went off, ran over saw the price and did my evil laugh I may keep this one in reserve here, Colorado has some cold days now and then.
  10. Is this meant to be more of a ground personnel parka, or is this a piece of flight gear?
  11. Paid $7.25 for this jacket today. I'm not very familiar with USAF items, I'm guessing 50s-60s. Tag reads: JACKET, FLYING, MAN'S NYLON TWILL SAGE GREEN USAF 1151 TYPE N-3B SPEC MIL-J-6279F (USAF) SIZE MEDIUM 8415-269-0419 DSA-1-8185 SOUTHERN ATHLETIC COMPANY, INC DRY CLEAN ONLY zippers are conmar. What do I have here? I may wear it, seems damn warm, unless its got some value. Whats the fur trim? Wolf? (would make me mad, but I guess its from another time) Looks to be new unissued. Found a stock tag in pocket that fell to pieces.
  12. I have a similar situation, My grandpa was in the 65th ID in WW2, would up with the 79th ID and later with EUCOM with the occupation forces, but was transferred to Japan when the KW broke out and was there for 6 months. Yet his DD 214 only has "OCCUPATION MEDAL (GERMANY) listed. Guess another military paperwork snafu...
  13. Is it possible that someone who was awarded the Occupation Medal could have earned both Germany and Japan clasps? I have never seen this in person but it does not seem impossible any input? Dan
  14. I guess thats why you see a few diehards in pics from 58-60 period that held on to thier M50 Ikes..use the wear out period to full advantage I really dont mind the looks of the first AG44s though.
  15. Ahhh, 1958. Big changes that year, I think that was the same time frame that the OD uniforms fianlly gave way to the AG44 if im not mistaken. I would guess then that change in uniform went hand in hand with reverting back to the "traditional" ranks that got messed with in 1948.
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