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  1. Picked up this tag with some other military items. I have never seen one like this. Anyone know any info?? It's named to a female. Thanks guys.
  2. Question, these pins/Rank were not available for sale to just any GI back then were they?? Kinda like the PX nowdays. Thanks Shawn
  3. Found it lol, fourth column over and 4th paragraph down. Missing in Action in Germany, guess he could have been a POW. Thanks manayunkman for the info. Shawn
  4. Ok guys I got his name off of a medal that was inside the wallet. I never paid attention to it because it was not military..... Well its a American Educators Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. " President Dwight D. Eisenhower served as its first chairman and chairman emeritus until his death in 1969." The Medal is dated 1969?? ​Seems to me that there are some coincidence's there. maybe the Museum can help fill in the holes.
  5. OK this may be the Vets Name. George J Schroyer if anyone has access to the searches It would be much appreciated. Shawn
  6. I am going to try and find out the name of the vet that brought these back for sure. I have already sent a email to the eisehower museum so hope to hear back from them soon. Thanks guys!! Shawn
  7. The Maker on the Brig Gen Stars is C.A.P.A Bruxelles. Shawn
  8. Yes a couple of the Brig Gen stars are British. and the Maj Gen, Heres one with the makers name.
  9. Mods I put this in the wrong section. Could it be moved please. Thanks Shawn
  10. I would say spot on. Thanks for the info firefighter. I may have really stumbled on to something spectacular!!! Shawn
  11. Thanks I will check into it. I have 1-2-3-5 stars sets. Plus 1-2lt. Maj, and Lt Col. Pins also. They were bought attatched to a leather wallet.
  12. Have to add more later. Cant down size pics on my phone to fit.
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