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  1. I've never seen one like this. I have a Torch armband but it is the full length held by pins. Many reproductions exist like this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW-2-US-Army-Airborne-Invasion-Flag-48-Star-Cloth-Jacket-Armband-Patch-Unused/273938312610?hash=item3fc7feeda2:g:ThgAAOSwJPVdNHUF
  2. You're right...BUYER BEWARE!!!!! In this case though there isn't even an attempt to hump up an actual Navy flag which are fairly common to find. These flags are home flags or many are interment flags. Either way they never saw ship service. There wasn't one flag that I saw that was made in the Mare Island Navy Yard in CA where many flags were made that saw service in the Pacific. I did a brief look at their second auction that ended in June. They auctioned 127 Stars and Stripes flags (and a few Navy Jack's). So...of those 127 flags (that claim mostly Navy ship service) I saw only 18 that had characteristics of a Navy flag. Generally Navy flags have 3,4,or 5 grommets and the larger flags have a rope edge, ring top, buckle bottom configuration. I'll try and post a couple examples soon. If you look at these flags you will see nylon flags, flags with printed stars-not sewn stars, civilian manufactured flags and on. I saw a couple flags that looked legit that had accompanying letters from people donating the flag but very few. What I did see were flags claiming the following historical connection... 3 flags claiming to be from ships at the Iwo Jima invasion. 10 flags claiming to be on ships or land during the December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. And the winner???? 30 (thirty!) flags claiming to be from ships or LST's during the D-Day invasion on June 6th 1944. Provenance? Someone wrote a ships name on the hoist edge of the flag. That's it.
  3. Heritage Auctions has held two auctions of the Rungee Flag Collection. The first was held in December 2019 and the other on June 6th 2020. I look forward to my copy of the North South Trader's Civil War Magazine, a fantastic magazine. My copy came a few days ago and there was a full two page spread by Heritage Auctions Part 2 of the Dr. Clarence Rungee Collection of Historic Flags. Although I just got the magazine, the auction ended on June 6th....damn, missed it. One of the flags pictured in the advertisement was the hoist flag from the USS Empire Javelin. The USS Empire Javelin was a troop landing ship built in 1943. It landed troops on D-Day but in December 1944 was either torpedoed or hit a mine and sunk in the English Channel. The problem for me is that this advertised flag has no characteristics of a WW2 navy flag. We've seen this before with some ebay sellers; trying to hump up a common civilian flag as something historical. The problem from the perspective of our community is that the first auction in 2019 appears to have auctioned off 117 US, Stars and Stripes flags, most are supposed to be from US WW2 ships, and a few were Army flags. The provenance that a particular flag flew on a particular ship??? The name of the ship was written on the hoist. That's it for almost all flags. There was also an inventory page from Rungee but it didn't say much and it was hard to read. Although I consider myself a "novice" flag collector, I love WW2 Navy flags and own many. It's really not too difficult to tell a WW2 Navy flag from something civilian if you care to educate yourself. So...I went to the first auction #6224 (the second was 6226) and checked out those 117 flags. Of the 117 flags, only 16 appear to me (again, a novice) to be Navy flags. 16 out of 117. One flag sold for in excess of $40K, others $20K and $10K. In a way I hope that I'm just wrong. I believe that you can view the flags without registering. It's free to register anyway and then you're allowed to see the sale prices. I know many of you have great knowledge about flags and really do hope that I'm missing something. If you go to the site, put 6224 in the search box for the first auction. https://historical.ha.com/itm/military-and-patriotic/imperial-japanese-navy-capital-battleship-nagato-admiral-yamamoto-s-flagship-captured-flag/a/6224-42062.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515
  4. Looks to me to be something made to look like a Navy Purple Heart. The wide ribbon bar, the star on the ribbon, the full brooch which looks to be from a WW1 Victory medal. Sorry, I think it was made up to fool.
  5. I didn't even notice that Allan, very strange. Makes me want to see better pictures of that flag. I hope the OP can respond.
  6. My copy arrived today, this is a MUST HAVE book even if you are just peripherally interested in the Purple Heart. Dave and I tried to get together at the Pomona show but it didn't work out. Perhaps in book 2?
  7. Nice medal. I would look for a un-named AM that you could switch the ribbon so it would be complete.
  8. Looks like it was a legit paper group that someone added the fake engraved Purple Heart and even added a incorrect split brooch to make it look like a Navy piece.
  9. The first flag has markings that I believe were added to hump up the flag to something military. The second flag needs better pics of the hoist end.
  10. Of the several similar flags that he has posted in the past, they always seem to sell in the thousands. He keeps getting away with it so he'll keep doing it. Yes very sad for the "winner". Again, no provenance, just a comment that the family said his middle name was Craig. My favorite part about this one is the photo stapled to the flag. The staple is shiny and new, looks like it was done yesterday.
  11. Looks like a live primer on that 20mm, hope the projectile isn't live as well.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-ORIGINAL-WWII-US-FLAG-FROM-PEARL-HARBOR-BATTLESHIP-UTAH-ORIG-SAILOR-/293549494667?hash=item4458e9d18b From the apparently amazing General Lee flag collection is another offering of a Pearl Harbor flag. Buyer beware.
  13. Your research looks good to me. I always think it helps to have an unusual name like "Boss".
  14. Kevin, when the Purple Heart was re-created in 1932 the intent was to create an award "for merit". Being wounded was secondary. My Heart #224 was awarded to an artillery captain in WW1 who distinguished himself. He was awarded the medal for merit and that's how we get the MSCC. He wasn't wounded, it was awarded for Meritorious Service. One estimate is that there were only around 1500 MSCC Hearts awarded before the Purple Heart became exclusively an award for wounds.
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