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  1. As I said before, I read a lot of army manuals to get the info on the ARVN Ranger Badge. In reply to IF IT´S AUTHORIZED TO WEAR A BADGE FROM A GOVERNMENT THAT NO LONGER EXISTS, we have: Army Regulation 670–1 • 3 February 2005 Page277 ... d. Foreign unit awards. If a foreign unit award is worn, personnel must wear at least one other U.S. decoration,service medal, or unit award. Foreign unit awards are worn after U.S. unit awards, by date of receipt. (See AR600–8–22 for criteria for acceptance of foreign unit awards.) Foreign unit awards are worn as follows: (1) French fourrag
  2. I know hollywood isn´t all knowing but they use army advisor to their props. As I said before I searched Army manuals. One hint I got was from the movie "The Siege", 1998 (in my country the name translated something like "New York under siege"). It´s a more or less recent movie and featured Bruce Willys as an army general, along with Tony Shalhoub and Denzel Washington. Since The movie is located on "present days" (around 1998-2000) and Bruce Willys is not playing a OLD age caracter, if he had been with the ARVN he should be around 45 years old on the movie if on 1975 he was an adv
  3. Thanks for the reply, Reading my post I noticed that I sounded completely lost. Let me "re-question" it. I received from a friend of mine and he´s not old age, so he would not have been an advisor in training for the ARVN. He´s US ARMY active duty. I thought this badge was only to VIETNAM Rangers... I couldn´t find it in any updated Army manual as an current issue badge. Is this badge still issued ? To all Rangers or to some special unit/course/branch ? Thanks.
  4. Hi to all members and readers. Not wanting to be completely out of subject (I stick to the the UNIFORMS discussion), I need help to identify the badge that is used on the right chest, above all others. There are two swords crossed over a circle of leafs and a star on top. I believe its still currently used. A friend of mine gave me a metal one but failed to specify what it was and it wouldn´t be appropriated to ask, since he gave me his own, meaning it was important to him and I didn´t meant to be unconsiderated. Whatever it means, its a valuated gift from a friend. But fro
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