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  1. My experience with legends are simple. In 1982 I was working for a couple in Oakland CA. In their garage sat 3 vehicles. One a 1936/7 Mercedes 340, another a Kubelwagen and the third a pre war Auto Union (Audi). All three were painted ungodly flat red and they wanted to sell all three. It took me a couple of months to raise the money, but during that time they sold the Kubel and the Audi, so I had to settle for the Mercedes. I later found out the reason they were painted red too. Sears/Allstate bought any surplus vehicle they could and sold them across the US. When the couple bought
  2. I don't talk about this nearly enough, but many of the Vietnam vets don't realize those of us civilains from military towns suffered losses too. I know this sounds strange so please read on... I was born in April of 1960, and started school in September of 1965. As many of you may note, this is when the US became active in the Viet conflict. I was raised in Alameda, California, and many a vet remembers it or Oakland. I know how many of you shipped out from there. Also many of you brought your families there. My mom was a babysitter, and as such we always had a houseful of kids. Usua
  3. The shield was actually older. It dated from the 50's or so. Sam Houston is the model with the regular shield mount and nomex hood.
  4. It's funny growing up in Alameda like I did I saw a lot of these jackets over the years. I use to get A-2's for about $25 or so (in the 1980's) and B-15's for about 1/2 that. Some of the WWII stuff though I wish I would have held onto though. There was a lot of AVG and CBI stuff. One of my dad's friends was AVG and somewhere I know I have all his patches and some of his scarfs and other stuff.
  5. Yep, it is a Cairns. It had the old style nomex hood though. Went to a chief in Indiana as his helmet. The previous one he lost in a fire. I couldn't believe that just being white made that much difference in price though.
  6. I am sure Mike (the chief) would argue with you about combat helmets But I can see this is appropriate. Thanks!
  7. Which is the appropriate forum to post them in? I had a Norad millennium, Ft. Carson asst. chief and Air Force academy and more Ft. Carson related stuff.
  8. Dunno about that, I got this directly from the previous chief, so it's 100%. You can get a current helmet and shield made for about $900 or so. But this helmet dates from the early 1980's. I called the manufacturer to get the dating. Here's a couple of other items I got too:
  9. The speaker array serial number indicates very early, since it's XXX-470. The others are mostly contract, but my guess from research would be late 1943 to mid 1944. Prolly saw service either in Normandy or the Pacific. From a couple of bits found inside I am leaning to Europe though.
  10. I picked this up last year from the ex-chief of Fort Carson. It is prolly one of the most unique helmets I have ever seen. I will be posting pics of some of the other items I picked up from him, like challenge coins, badges and his presentation axe.
  11. Actually not that big. It was 110 and about 2 kw. But it was dedicated to this or it was run off a large multi use generator. That was usually later though.
  12. Okay first the bad news, I have this up at the "national auction site" because I can't afford to keep it. Here's the good news, a few weeks ago perusing the local CL, I spot an ad with the Paul Rabut picture of the Beach Master system. After waiting a week or so the ad was still up, so I get my GF rounded up and we drove to take a look at it. It was close to Cripple Creek and we hadn't been there so at worst it wouldn't be a wasted trip. So we get to the place (about an hour drive over twisty dirt roads) and as we drive up I see the horns of the unit. I noticed it had been painted red and was
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