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  1. My condolences on the loss of your friend. As per the license plate question, here are some other MOH license plates: Nevada: Pennsylvania: Mass: Oregon: Michigan: Iowa: Maryland:
  2. -USMC desert MARPAT -3 color desert -chocolate chip desert USMC T-Pattern Urban Camo looks pretty interesting also...
  3. Would a Marine Aviator wear a G-1 jacket? I don't mean as a novelty, I'm sure anybody could wear a jacket like that, but would a Marine get a G-1 and have his Marine Aviator nameplate on it with any Marine aviation patches on it? And if so, does anybody have a Marine Aviator jacket in their collection? Thanks.
  4. Well, first of all, those sergeant chevrons are upside-down, so that would definitely be an indication whomever put the display together didn't have the proper knowledge as to how to place U.S. military insignia. That, coupled with all of the little trinket pins surrounding the medals and ribbons may just mean someone put together a bunch of American military insignia in a frame. Also, I don't know if U.S. Army nameplates have a first initial on them. Any I've ever seen have only had the last name on them.
  5. You have an extremely impressive collection, it is very, VERY nice. However, that chinstrap does not belong on that service cover. The Marine Officer's service cover uses a black chinstrap. The gold and crimson chinstrap belongs on the dress white cover.
  6. My class is doing an assignment, and I was at my desk reading this, and I literally laughed out loud. Thanks for the laugh! :hapy0004:
  7. Thanks for the invitation, 4star, I may just take you up on that offer. I can't say that I like that look on General Marshall's uniform. Of course, I don't have any say in the matter, but in my opinion, I think the good general should have worn full size ribbon bars. With the foreign awards, I'm sure his ribbon bar would be very impressive in the full size version.
  8. I know this post has been dormant for quite some time, but I have a question about one of the uniform displays. First off, these uniforms are awesome. Second, in post #7, next to the WWI victory ribbon there appears to be what looks like a bar with two little dumbells and a tiny fourragere on it. What is that supposed to signify?
  9. It is a very beautiful medal, Brig. Do you have any information on how it was stored, or where you found it, since it is in such excellent condition? Nice add to the collection.
  10. Very impressive find. Very nice, indeed. :thumbsup:
  11. Once you're set up at the new place, will the invitations still stand to see the collection in person? I'm not that far from you, and I should be in Houston later on in the year. Oh, and yeah, your collection leaves me speechless.
  12. Well, I happen to believe you have a very impressive collection there. And, as to why the ribbon is so short on the commander grade medal, maybe it was on a display, or maybe the wearer didn't like it going all the way around his neck, so he fastened it with some sort of tape/adhesive as you mentioned it has remnants of at the ends of the ribbon. I'm by no means an expert on the authenticity of these medals, but with the different manufacturers, and this medal being among one of the most beautiful and ornate in the U.S. medal collection, I would venture to speculate it is authentic.
  13. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to upset the apple cart...the explanation of the color fade/color bleed makes sense... a thousand apologies...
  14. I don't like to post a whole lot of stuff when I have questions, so I'll just post my questions all in here. Thanks, in advance, for the read. 1. How often do Marine Corps Officers still use a campaign-style hat with the gold and scarlet cord? Can any officer decide to wear this particular cover, or do they have to do something to be allowed to wear it? I know this cover was widely used in the past, but I'm wondering about current Marines. 2. With the passing of Senator Kennedy, they've been showing a lot of coverage about President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. There's a shot of
  15. The ribbon in the post above doesn't really look like the one on the custom ribbon bar. The dimensions aren't right.
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