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  1. Thanks! Yes, now that you both mention it, rotating the orientation makes sense.
  2. Picked this up yesterday, there was nothing with it that would help in identifying its origin. It looks to be WWII with green back cut edge. The coloring is Red, yellow, and Black with OD edge. Thanks!
  3. Siege1863, Thanks for sharing. Yes it looks like a very similar theme. BROBS, Would love to seethe shirt. Thanks for your comments.
  4. Ken, Thanks for the recommendations on the tour guids. I will check into them. My wife has already secured our accomidations and the only input I had was the location. I don't recall the name of the B&B off hand but thought it was beteween Utah beach and Ste. Mere -Eglise. How is the weather in April? Any recommendations on apparel .... Looking at your posts in April over the last few years, seems like it could vary quite a bit. Enjoyed the Martin tire video ... Amazing . Really like the 82nd felt patch! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Ken, I have enjoyed spending the last few days reading through the years of this topic . I feel like I have recieved a guided your of Normandy and then some! Thanks for taking the time to share with us the sights and the items from your collection. My family and I are headed to France next month for a few weeks, and as this is my first time to France I insisted on a couple days in Normandy. I now realize that two days will only barely scratch the surface of all their is to do and see . Also thanks for the Map recomendation, I have mine ordered. Skip
  6. Thanks for the information Jeffro! Teamski you were on the right track ...Thanks
  7. This patch roughly 4x6 in dementions and feature a bat standing on with what looks like a bomb with radar waves eminating from the bats chest. It also contains a another bomb with a long red fuse above the bat. Behuind the bat apears to be three prop blades in a light grey. Does anyone have any idea if this is military (possiblt AF) patch? Thanks in advance.
  8. Her are two pictures of my father. The first was taken at Lackland in 1962 (he is wearing the summer uniform). The second was taken in 1962 while stationed at Hill AFB in Utah serving in the Air Guard. I have enjoyed all the comments and photos .... Thanks to everyone!
  9. I am posting pictures of a US Army service coat dated 1974 (Master Sergeant with 27 yearsof service. I need help identifing the patch on the left shoulder with Airborne tab over it. On right shoulder he wears a 173rd Airborne Brigade patch. I am sorry for the poor quality photos. Thanks.
  10. I would appreciate any help identifying this DI. Thanks
  11. Picked this up with a collection of items apearing to be related includding shelter halfs, poles, pegs and This tie and an over seas cap. A photo of of the suposed owner was also included. My first thought on the tie was that it might be some kind of improvised "short snorter" but upon investigation of the inscription on the back ofthe photo "Caraboa". This lead me to wonder if it might have something to due with this order. Thougts?
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