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  1. Hello from Cherbourg Dear neighbor, in the spirit of this lovely image, here is a vintage and very pretty photo also. Regards Giles
  2. Hi What's the shipping amount for FRANCE ? Regards
    Best I can tell around $30.00 to ship from US to France using US Postal Office.
  3. Hi from France According to the Ben C. MAJOR book (Unit Serial Number - 1st US Army build-up priority tables - List A - D Day Normandy + 1 through D + 14) those markings are for : Company M - 109th Infantry Regiment - 28th Infantry Division Pretty cool item If only it could return in Normandy (at my home for example ) Regards Gilles
  4. Hi from France My latest find (from Quimper near Brest in France) ... these is a near mint brown fatigue hat 1918 dated ... I'm wondering what's worth this kind of item ... Regards
  5. For me I read ont the 3 first line CONDUCTOR STANDARD OILED
  6. Thanks for those pics WW1Nerd ...it's the same than mine !!! extra Sadly, there's only two buttons ...others missing...
  7. Hey (from France) Is it this one ... I've foung it yesterday in Normandy ....
  8. For more info : this area was one of the objective for th 22nd Infantry Regiment (4th ID)
  9. hI from France : a brief answer .... 4th infantry division !!! My mean thema of collection !!! If your brother don't know what to do with it : I adopt this map !!! Regards
  10. Hi from France Here's ma last find in a flea market near Cherbourg ... a nice Waralarm clock ... ...
  11. Great helmet ... that belonged to Malcom W. FUHRER Jr from Mt Vernon (Indiana). He served aboard a supply ship for Normandy Invasion (6th june 44) Source : http://www.wwiimemorial.com/Registry/Search If you don't keep it ... I’d like to adopt this grouping
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