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  1. More information. The sailor was aboard the USS Pasadena that was docked in Tokyo Bay during the surrender,which he witnessed. He was on shore leave when he pick up this rifle. Shown are the capture papers and the rifles marking.
  2. A Model 99 late war rifle sent home by a Navy vet. I got this from his daughter.
  3. I have a few local newspapers from WW II, that I plan on getting the front page framed, here is one from June 6, 1944.
  4. 1st LT Clyde E. Trivett he was the CO of Co E 311th Inf Reg of the 78th Division. He was awarded the BS, PH olc and the SS, he is buried in Henri Chapelle, Belgium
  5. My Dad's. He was with the 5th Air Force stationed in Japan during the war
  6. Thanks Dave for the information. I too would like to see a first printing. Stan
  7. Thanks for the information it helps me alot. I was my Dad's plane that he was a mechanic on during the Korean War. He was stationed in Japan. Never got alot of information from him. Stan
  8. Picture was taking during the 1950's. Need help IDing this aircraft. Thanks Stan
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