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    I'm interested in M-1 helmets worn in the ETO during World War II that are ID'd or have research opportunities. Like many helmet collectors, I'm always on the lookout for D-Day helmets or helmets with Battle of the Bulge provenance.

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  1. Interesting helmet, but it has too many questions for me to feel right about it If it's a fake, it's a good one..
  2. Mitch, here's a small bit about Hammond. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1924 and was stationed at a couple of Federal arsenals, including Rock Island, Illinois, in the years immediately before WWII. Not much here, but a little.
  3. D-Day--swivel bail, 1st Division? I doubt it.
  4. Always a good position to take. We may be on our way to an irreconcilable standoff. One side believes it's authentic, the other has well-founded doubts. Either side may be wrong. In the meantime, let's get as much info as possible and for now that means getting the latest photos. Let's resume this discussion at that time. Just my opinion. Bill
  5. Honestly, I don't see micro-cracking. I see scratches. Like some of the others, I would have to see this in hand before making a judgment. Bill
  6. This is a great thread. Much to be learned here. Bill
  7. My guess would be Navy, or possibly Marines. Nice helmet. How about a picture of the inside? Thanks. Bill
  8. VenitHora, any ID or provenance? Thanks. Bill
  9. Yes, Im afraid youre right, Troy. I helped pull this off the subject a bit. The original post had to do with the possibility of this 506th helmet being an authentic one from WWII. Sorry for the diversion. Whether or not it was worn by a 506th vet, I appreciate the sacrifices they made and though this one is questionable, I hope it brought joy to the man who owned it. Best, Bill
  10. I bet that 75 or more years ago, when these guys were young, the very last thing they were thinking of was what would become of their helmets. They likely weren't too concerned with what happened to the rest of their equipment, either. So if some vet tells us that a rear seam, swivel bail repro was his actual helmet, I know we'll just thank him for his service and wish there were a million more exactly like him. Bill
  11. I think it's interesting that he leaves himself wiggle room by saying that although the name on the back is "period original," the medic cross "will only get better with age." There's an "out" there if he's ever called on it. Bill
  12. OP, to use your words, I neither hate you nor despise you, but you need to be gone from here, as I'm sure you will be soon.
  13. Hi, Rich. Interesting point that you make, but I'm going to disagree a bit. In my experience the norm is the norm for a reason. I haven't seen any Navy shore helmets--especially from the Normandy campaign--where white bands have replaced gray or blue. In fact, without an ID or some other positive marking, I don't think there's enough evidence to be sure that Ken's helmet is Navy. Like you, I've seen helmets with white bands in photos, but they haven't belonged to Navy shore parties working in Normandy. Could there have been some? Sure, I guess so, and I agree with you that Ken's is a ni
  14. Good eye to everyone involved. That's one of the only ways to beat a scam like this one. Heads up. Bill
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